1. petricor

    .STEP S4M Heatsink Bezel 2.9 2.9

    This is a revision of my original (machined and tested) design V1.0. The modification allows for airflow as required for this (incomplete) build here. The part has not been machined/ tested and I share this in response to a request, but interface dimensions are identical to those of my...
  2. Teebs

    Log Teebs' 5L Stream PC & Peripherals in a Carry on

    Hello Sff~ I'm working on a PC build right now to travel with & stream from. This is going in a skyreach 4 mini, along with a built in monitor (inspiration from @seven7thirty30 ) and a primary monitor - plus all of the peripherals. Everying will travel in foam inserts inside half of an away...
  3. Teebs

    What's going on with this S4 mini skin ft. thin blue line flag :(

    I was dissapointed to see this on NFC website, and was wondering if @Josh | NFC is cognizant of this design being on the promo reel, and its implications as an anti-Black, nationalist political symbol.
  4. P

    High-end S4 mini build - need advice

    Hey everyone- I'm brand new to this forum. After building a Fractal Design Node 202 about 6 months ago, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the overall size or appearance of the build. Now, I have a new S4 mini chassis, a walnut faceplate, NFC S4 mini feet, custom skycables, HD Plex PSU, and the NFC...
  5. W

    S4 Mini with Asrock A300M-STX mainboard

    Hi there, I am currently planning to build an HTPC with a 5,25 bay (fitting the Burson Playmate) and a HDPlex 200W AC-DC + HDPlex 200W DC-ATX inside. So I measured a bit and a Mini-ITX would be to big to fit all the components inside the S4 Mini. So I am asking for someone who already tried...
  6. C

    s4mini brickless 200w build help

    so currently I have a NODE-202 based sff pc that I bring to school with me instead of a laptop but its starting to hurt my back being so heavy I want to downsize to an s4 mini so im planning on keeping the motherboard cpu and ram im going to also keep the drives and put them on the...
  7. E

    GPU Help upgrading GPU

    Good day, Currently, I have an i7-6700T paired with a GTX-1050Ti inside an S4 mini. Originally I was intending to do a brickless build however I ended with a dell 330w external brick and HDPLEX 160 DC-ATX. My current setup includes a 1080p 60Hz monitor, which I plan to upgrade down the line as...
  8. nyxtom

    S4M Black Side Panels

    It has just occurred to me that you can order the S4M side panels in black! https://www.sfflab.com/collections/parts/products/skyreach-4-mini-side-panels?variant=18582945497201
  9. S

    Can an underpowered PSU run safely with computer on idle/non intensive tasks?

    So I am building an S4M system with an R9 Nano and Ryzen 5 1600. The only part i am waiting on is the HDPLEX 400 AC-DC. (Out of stock, no idea when will be available.) However Im really itching to start up my system now. I have a Dell 150w brick from an old Alienware. Assuming I am not running...
  10. nyxtom

    S4 Mini Top Hat

    I've been working on this design for a few weeks now, and I've managed to test out some components such as the AlphaCool XT45 40mm Triple and Double. I also have a few Magicool Dual 40mm. I have a number of ongoing variations of this design and I'm in the process of milling a prototype. I...
  11. K

    Something burned :( how to pin point what died?

    Hi forum, I’m a first time builder and put together an S4M with following components: MB: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370i CPU: i5-8500 SSD: Samsung EVO960 FAN: Noctua l9i PSU: HDPLEX 400 BRICK: Dell 330 something GFX: MSI AERO 1060 6GB NFC machined on/off switch I assembled it WITHOUT a gfx card cause I...
  12. Halfdan

    Closed [EU] NFC S4 mini C or Skyreach

    If anyone in Europe is interested in selling their S4 mini (classic or skyreach) please let me know. Buying via SFFlab is just too expensive for me with added shipping and import fees, so I'm looking for a more reasonable price. I'll consider offers outside EU but with import and shipping it...
  13. J

    The console that Does it all | S4M, GTX 1080, brickless

    Here it is. An all internally powered S4M with a GTX 1080 in it. It wasn't easy, and to be honest I thought i was going to end up frying my parts with the custom power setup, but it all works! In fact, it works well! In order to go brickless, I had to rethink how to power a PC that was this...
  14. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans S4 mini

    Introductions first. I go by Charlie and this is my first SFF build. I chose the S4 mini because its exactly what I wanted, raw and purpose built. After receiving it I have total confidence in my decision. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to put in it. Amd or Intel is my big dilemma...
  15. P

    S4 Mini Advice/Help/Suggestions/All of the above

    I will preface my potentially lengthy post by saying I am a 100% novice when it comes to PC gaming. I have had interest in building a PC for a while however it has seemed like a daunting task and also I had not stumbled upon a form factor that really caught my attention...until now. I stumbled...
  16. J

    Question for HDPLEX 300W Hi-Fi DC-ATX owners and/or NFC S4 mini owners

    hi SFF community (& @josh #nfc), Problem: PSU and MB lights up but my GPU spins up and then stops spinning. No video output via GPU. I have assembled the following for my S4 mini build: CPU: i5-4670S (65w) GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 SC (06G-P4-6163-KR) MB: Asrock Z97M-ITX/ac RAM: 1x8GB DDR3 SSD x 2...
  17. NRG


    Soon. So I just finished my transplant from my old chassis to my new S4 and I couldn't be happier! Huge round of applause to Josh, This chassis is absolutely stunning. I love the orange, The attention to detail and solid build quality. Was an absolute pleasure to pull apart and throw my...