r9 nano

  1. S

    EKWB Backplate R9 Nano

    I want to put an EK Backplate on my R9 Nano going into an S4 build. I do not plan on water cooling it, but i wanted a backplate on the card. Do you guys think the backplate will work with the stock cooler? Thanks
  2. S

    HDPLEX 400w W/ R9 Nano?

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether or not an HDPLEX 400 could power a R9 Nano adequately. The form factor of the card is perfect for an S4 mini brickless, but I am worried about the power consumption of the Nano, from what I have read it consumes under 200w normally, but Josh commented that it...
  3. ImmaculateDoge

    CustomMOD Flex Mini - R5 1600 + R9 Nano in 4.5 Liters

    It's done: The all-AMD gaming PC at the ragged edge of miniaturization with semi-custom and off-the-shelf parts. Despite the aftereffects of the mining boom, 2018 is an exciting time to be building. AMD has risen (Ryzen?) from the ashes, semiconductors are getting smaller, cooling technology is...
  4. ondert

    DIY RX 480 Nano

    Hey SFF fans, Today while searching for Vega Nano thingy, I've seen this modded RX 480. It is basically reference RX 480 (you know, it had a really short board.) and R9 Nano shroud and some kind of cooler with a fan. The guy who built this says he achieved this without touching BIOS, but...
  5. P

    Power Supply Advice for power: Ryzen R3 1200 + R9 Nano

    I am doing my build of ITX system and currently it developed to stage where I have power issues. Setup: Case: Loggic Supply MC600 MB: Asrock X370 CPU: Ryzen R3 1200 RAM: 2x8GB Kingston PSU: HD-PLEX 400 AC/DC Mean Well 20V GST280A20-C6P...
  6. MarcParis

    NFC S4 Mini : Enthousiast version (Core i7 6700K + R9 Nano)

    Hi all, It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! As some people may know, I've started a new setup based on marvellous NFC S4 Mini. My target is not to transfer existing setup into NFC S4 Mini, but to create a really powerful and compact setup. My ultimate goal is to replace my current enthousiast gaming...
  7. Minefoxi

    'Minefoxi's (crazy) ideas' thread (New: LAN-BOX)

    Welcome to my 'idea thread' Here you can find all the (crazy) stuff coming to my mind!