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Power Supply Pico PSU for 8600k+1060


Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Jul 18, 2018
Hi guys

I am in the early stages on building an SFF power house.

I recently bought an old Powermac G4 Cube.

I am new to the DIY builds.

The hardware list so far:

I5-8600K (own)
16 gb ram (own)
1060 3gb (own
370 mini ITX mobo (need to buy)
CPU cooler/ NH-L9 or Asetek 545LC (need to buy)
2xM.2 ssd (own)
2x2.5 inch ssd (own)

So all i need to figure out is how i am going to power the system.

Power supply calculators state that without my GPU the system needs around 184 watt and with the 1060 around 306 watt,
So how and with what should i power the system? There is no room for a 400W HDPLEX PSU, the only formfactor i can fit in the case is the PICO PSU, but the models out there are all 130/150 watt models, or at least that is what i have been able to find, all options are underpowered.

If several PICO PSU´s are needed will you please describe or show an schematics on the circuit? And how i connect it to the GPU and so on?

And of course the external power brick/bricks as well?

So any help from you guys will be appreciated.
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