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optimus water cooling

  1. mknrls

    Log Tha Beast - 7.6L Xproto Mini w/ ROME-ITX EPYC 64C RTX3090FE WaterCooled

    Welcome to this EPYC project of mine lol This has been about 1y + few months in the making and also still in progress haha The crazy idea is to cram as much high quality / performance wise components in a relative small open case, watercooled it and make it one of kind. My birthday is coming up...
  2. OptimusWC

    Cooling Optimus Water Cooling is now taking orders!

    Hi everybody, We had posted here a little while back showing our first CPU water block and wanted to get feedback from the community. We are pleased to announce we are offering a side engraved model for people that would like a completely clean looking top. Currently we are only taking orders...
  3. OptimusWC

    News Giveaway of TWO 8700k GTX 1080 TI Water Cooled Gaming PCs

    Hi everybody! Optimus Water cooling is doing a huge giveaway of TWO top-of-the-line gaming computers! To enter, follow @Optimus_WC (https://twitter.com/optimus_wc) share this post on twitter and tag us in it. Make sure to include your SFF username. Also, leave a comment on this post. Two...