1. eedev

    FormD T1: Unipanel & DDC Distro-plate

    I'm "working on" / learning to design this at the moment. I wanted to share my ideas and progress. I also want to know what you guys think? Of course this is a work in progress, but if you already see something wrong please let me know 😃 Current Status See you later! 🤟

    Log how to turn a game console into an SFF PC - or - the fastest APU build to date

    Introduction: Have you ever heard something about the AMD FireFlight APU? Probably not, because this is a custom AMD APU made for a Chinese Game Console called the SUBOR Z+ which was supposed to compete with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on the Chinese market. Well, the SUBOR Z+ was a quite...
  3. JGP

    First mod (and SFF Build) with Noctua GPU Shroud and fans

    Im new. Built many PCs before but never a SFF. Didn't see the appeal until now. I have done the big box builds with RGBs - everyone was doing it - so I wanted to. Whenever I would sit at my desk they would literally blind me and distract me from what I was doing so I had to turn them off...
  4. N

    Zotac GTX 1080 Ti - Mod - 0RPM Bios - Liquid Metal - Undervolt

    I wanted to build a custom portable rig aiming to be as small as possible (6L) so I thought I'd do some modding to my Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Mini to prep for my build. Mods: 1) BIOS - EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC ( - thanks...
  5. goose1969x

    Zotac GTX 1060 in Inwin Chopin Mod Project

    Hi Community, First post here, as well as first SFF Modding project. I recently snagged an Inwin Chopin and was looking to do an APU build. I got curious this morning about the Zotac 1060 Mini I had laying around and decided to see if I could fit it in the back side of the case. My thinking...
  6. Tsuchinoko

    AIO's Radiator Exchange.

    Hello Friends! I currently own A4-SFX. I would like to put "NZXT KRAKEN X42" in A4-SFX. I am going to replace AIO 's radiator with 92mm. Will it work out? I own the A4 Window Panel. Because KRAKEN X42 is tall, it will hit the panel. But I have a solution. The picture is a Japanese Build. Nice...
  7. D

    A4 build with custom layered laser-cut oak side panels

    Hello, I figured you people might be interested in my A4 build. It all started with me thinking that I wanted a taller cpu cooler than supported for my A4. I apologize for the Swedish, but the album and build log originated on sweclockers. If there is interest I could translate the album for...
  8. T

    Power Supply How to mod the HDplex 160xt for a gtx 1060 3gb build?

    Thinking of a mini ITX case that doesn't have a PSU and go mini ITX with an i5 4460 and GTX 1060 3gb or possibly a Ryzen 5 1500 instead of the i5 4460 cause that is a 65 watt CPU I believe. I was planning to get the HDPlex 160xt as I heard they can be modded to output 200 watts or close. I would...
  9. H

    Cutting Skyreach 4 Mini to fit the Scythe BS2 Rev.B - 58mm?

    Am I able to cut the case to fit a Scythe BS2 Rev.B - Im expecting the fan to stick out as that is 12mm thick - but the heatsink should theoretically be at the edge of the case's enclosure or probably wont close assuming its heatsink is 46mm. (stock cooler and fan - 58mm) Since im currently...
  10. S

    Realan i3s passive cooling mod

    Hi I always wanted some cheap tiny PC that would make no sound at all while using it So recently i bought some parts for cheap That's what inside the PC today - i3 3225 (55W TDP) with intel HD4000 - Prolimatech Megahalems cooler - 8Gb DDR3 - Asrock H77M ITX - KingSpec P3 120Gb SSD -...
  11. D

    Power Supply G-Unique Cooling? Possible mod?

    Hey SFF forum, I'm planning my first tiny build but I've got a concern. I'm planning on building using a 1080ti mini and so I plan on going with the G-Unique 450W unit. My concern is that I have read that the power brick it uses runs very hot. So, I was wondering if any of you very creative...
  12. BrotherStein

    Gigabyte GTX 970 Noctua Fan Mod

    Recently, I had a fan go bad in my GTX 970 mini. I pulled the shroud off, cut out the fan and enclosure, cleaned up the cuts (on the shroud), and mounted a 92mm (14mm) Noctua fan. It fit perfectly into the space where the previous fan sat, however, there really wasn't much to mount it to. I...
  13. winterfart1

    Ncase M1. The Grey Beast. 4.6Ghz with Noctua

    Built CPU: Intel 6700k @4.6Ghz CPU Cooler: Cryorig M9 with 1x 120mm Noctua NF-S12B & 1x Cryorig 92mm GPU: GTX1070 Gigabyte G1 Gaming with 2 x 120mm Noctua NF-S12B Redux 1200PWM as Intake for GPU SSD: Samsung 850 EVO SATA drive Mobo: Asus Z170i Pro Gaming PSU: Corsair SF600 w Custom Red Cables...
  14. Biowarejak

    PWM 3-Pin Mod!

    PWM 3-Pin Adapter: I wasn't sure it was possible until I did it. I have an adequate understanding of electronics in theory, but I don't often get to make myself real circuits. I knew though, that transistors act as switches when used properly. I used that and developed the idea in my...
  15. Mortis Angelus

    Project HoRizen GTXbox - Worlds most versatile Xbox Original

    I have finally reached the state in my project of converting an original Xbox into a mITX PC that I am confident enough to start showing off a build log! In this first post I will show some images of which state I am in now, and also tell the background for the project and my personal criteria...
  16. M

    Cryorig C7 Mod

    so i pre-ordered a zs-a4 case (similar to dan a4-sfx and sunmilo a4) from taobao 2 weeks ago, and was really concerned about cooling my intel k cpu. after some research, i found cryorig c7 + noctua a9x14 yield the best result for cooling and acoustic. While i was looking for an elegant solution...
  17. Biowarejak

    S4 Mini Classic #77 - Sputnik

    Finally getting my hands on one of these badboys! :) First off, this has been in the works for this entire year. I've purchased bits and pieces from our members here and I'm very pleased to finally start the log. I'll be starting with a tease though, since the case is on its way. 22mm...
  18. darksidecookie

    xbox one s internal psu as egpu psu?

    so i noticed something about the internal psu of the xbox one s, it has a standard 6-pin pcie connector. Has anyone tried using it for egpu mods? it's only 30€ and if it works it would be plug and play extra psu power.
  19. Choidebu

    Anyone modded thinkcentre m58?

    I came across a deal on this 2013ish SFF core 2 duo pc without hdd for privacy reasons I assume, for 50$aud. From what I can gather, it comes with acbel pc7071 280W psu, funny shaped (TFX? CFX? What is that?) Motherboard is proprietary 'sff' formfactor though, although back i/o is standard atx...
  20. yoanguila

    Mod In Win Chopin

    Hi guys, i'm shiny at the forum, and i need help... I want a Chopin case, some itx board (Intel or AMD), RAM, nvme and/or ssd. That is my budget list. But also i want to fit a gtx 1050ti low profile. I've alredy have a 190w pico to replace the long itx psu and a Pcie riser conector (flexible...