hdplex 300w

  1. Z

    Production How to power an STX Motherboard with a HDPlex

    I'm trying to build a PC inside of a Gamecube and I have the following Asrock h110m-STX i5 7400 750 ti 12 GB RAM 840 EVO SSD HD Plex 400watt power brick HD Plex 300Watt DC-DC 120 Watt STX Power Brick I can't figure out how to power the mobo off the HD Plex, nor can I find an adapter If anyone...
  2. Windfall

    Stalled 3.5L HTPC Case- Made for Ryzen!

    This is my current project, the HTPC One. It's designed for Ryzen APUs and the HDPlex 160. It uses a C8 connector (c14 is too tall). PEMSERTS are used for the motherboard and holding the side panel on. It will use (If I get enough support to go into production) @Josh | NFC's machined power...
  3. Thauner

    My first mini build, for producing music

    Hello SFF people, I'm new to this great forum, been reading alot of things here over the last 4 months (great site!) Well, im about to start a new build that should run my DAW and only that. I want this to be as small as possible, as im going to have it with me in a bag often. My goal is to...
  4. McTeags

    Closed HDPLEX 300W AC-DC (New in Box)

    SOLD: HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX (New in Box) $45 w/ free shipping Sold: HDPLEX 300W AC-DC (New in Box) w/ SFX Bracket Included $65 w/ free shipping No longer in stock: HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX & 300W AC-DC w/ SFX Bracket Included (New in Box) $100 w/ free shipping ($10 discount) Ended up getting an HDPLEX...
  5. W

    Closed HD PLEX 300W $100

    I'm looking to purchase an HDPLEX HiFi 300W DC-ATX with the 16V-24VDC barrel Input. Please message me with offers.