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  1. A

    GPU In need of rtx 3080 waterblock with inlets/outlets running lengthways

    I'm looking for a waterblock for rtx 3080 (any model as I don't have the gpu yet) where the inlet and outlet ports run along the gpu's length instead of sticking out the sides (the sides where the block and backplate are). It's not the easiest thing to google for and when I do find non...
  2. B

    GPU ASRock Rack Unveils M.2 Slot Graphics Card

    Related Article. I'm not excited about the actual product itself as it's simply x1 for vga (weird edge case use I imagine), but I am fascinated with the idea of how far the concept can go. While more indirectly using m.2 for graphics isn't entirely new for this community (as a number of you...
  3. F

    [Close] Ceberus hard drive mounting

    Hi, the Cerberus can be ordered with 3 2x3.5" hard drive brackets. Where do they mount and how much space is left for other components? Do they mount at the bottom side by side? With the hard drive brackets installed and populated is there room for a 2.5 slot graphics card? And would that work...
  4. B

    GPU Reference 6800XT - ITX Case compatibility

    Optimum Tech checked a number of ITX cases for compatibility with the reference 6800XT. Fits: Cooler Master NR200 Streacom DA2 NZXT H1 NCASE M1 FormD T1 (In 3 slot mode) Century 2.0 Does not Fit: FormD T1 (In 2 slot mode) Loque Ghost S1 Dan A4-SFX I'm going to be air cooling my T1 when it...
  5. D

    GPU Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger ITX 8G (RX5500XT CLI 8G) It seems to be a good 5500XT mini ITX card. Did anyone tried it out/bought it? Where can we buy it?
  6. C

    GPU Graphics Card for HP Compaq Pro 6300

    Hello! This is my first post here. I'm excited to find such a dedicated group focused on SFF. I have a HP Compaq Pro 6300 with 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. It has a Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz CPU. If needed I could upgrade it to 32 GB of RAM but at this point I don't think that's necessary. I'm...
  7. J

    Question: What is the differences between Geeeks A30 and A40 and some more questions about them

    Hi all, The main difference between the the Geeeks A30 and A40 is that A40 is wider and allows SFX power supply. I want to know if that is the only difference. Can the A40 fit cards that the A30 cannot? And what cards can the A30 fit? (like can a mini version of a gtx 1070 like this one)...
  8. Therandomness

    Rumor ASRock to enter the GPU market

    Well well well, this could end up being fun. We all know Asrock as the one to do the insane or amazing, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to many. According to the source, they'd be focusing on the MXM sector (which makes sense due to those micro STX motherboards) and AMD GPUs. Hopefully they...
  9. Therandomness

    News Our first (almost proper) look at Vega

    And the new 'Frontier' card. So basically just a reference card. But still: Now, lets hope for an RX Vega Nano. Top is liquid cooled. Read more here:
  10. K888D

    Selling Various Graphics Cards for Sale

    Over the past few years I've built up a small collection of Graphics Cards that I haven't really used much, this new forum section seems like the perfect opportunity to find them a better home where they can get some use. If you are interested in any of the following cards or have any questions...