gpu block

  1. Ross Siggers

    GPU Waterblock for a 2060 with no official offerings?

    Hi all, I'm attempting my first watercooled system with a custom loop, in my second SFF build. I'm using a custom case with tight limits on GPU length; a lot of the 'small' RTX 20xx series cards I looked at, were all around 170mm in length which is scraping my width restriction. I managed to...
  2. R

    Custom Watercooling loop DAN case v3 / ITX gpu / HDPLEX 400W / R5 2600

    Hey everyone, So I was one of the people who jumped on top of the new v3 case with support for 92mm and and 120mm aio cooling. I started off with the Asetek 545LC with a full length card and an SFX PSU, I liked it but my god the pump tubes were stressed. Next I ventured into 120mm AIO cooling...
  3. N

    Cooling Alphacool NexXxos GPX Pro Solo-- perfect gpu pump-block combo

    I am a new comer is this forum. ; ) I want to build a sff PC with water cooling for myself. Indulging in searching for parts which can do more with less volume, i came across a pump-block combo (sorry i don't know if it is so called) for gpu...