formd t1

  1. Skripka

    On Etsy: 3D Printed FormD T1 Tophat Mod

    One of our community went and made this 3D printed tophat mod for sale: Thoughts on the shorter tophat? No excess flashing, parts were true and square. Follow the instructions. The fitment really hides the seam between...
  2. Arc_Lag

    CPU Reviews regarding the Hj 240MM

    Hi there! I was planning on making a FormD T1 Watercooled build, already got most of the parts but then I hit some compatibility issues regarding space. My original plan was to just keep my 3080 TUF aircooled, but after careful inspection, I figured out that I don't have space to put my...
  3. K

    Discussion Benchmark request for someone with a completely air cooled Formd T1 with a 5600X/3070 FE

    I tried finding someone in the sffpc reddit but didn't have any luck so I'm trying here... I would greatly appreciate it if someone with an air-cooled T1 with a 5600X/3070FE could do a specific Cyberpunk 2077 test for me. I have benchmarks from an Ncase M1 and Acat X2 and am curious how my...
  4. eedev

    FormD T1: Unipanel & DDC Distro-plate

    I'm "working on" / learning to design this at the moment. I wanted to share my ideas and progress. I also want to know what you guys think? Of course this is a work in progress, but if you already see something wrong please let me know 😃 Current Status See you later! 🤟