diy case

  1. Curiosity

    Other X300-M(AX) case F3D file 1.0

    F3D file for the X300MAX case, 5.7ish Liters depending on the side panel used. Cutout for an XT60 connector at the rear for power out, uses a 3W3 Dsub connector for power in, ideally pins on the case side. Specifically designed for use with the Corsair XR5 radiator, and even then will require a...

    Production RCC-BIG2 | vertical small footprint BTO case | support for 280mm AIOs or tall air coolers

    RCC-BIG2 is a simple and customizable BTO (build-to-order) case with traditional layout (no riser cable required). Features of the case: vertical or horizontal orientation traditional layout, no riser cable flexible size / volume different vent hole designs to fit your taste W x D x H can be...
  3. T

    SFF ammo box build

    Recently I acquired an old 40mm grenade ammo box. Currently I'm using it as a footrest but I'm thinking about adapting it as a case for my current rig. Inner dimensions (L * W * H) are 435 * 135 * 240. It needs some repainting but that's the least of my concerns. Oh, and it's SFF, roughly 19...
  4. H

    One of the smallest Gaming PC. GTX 1050TI+G4600+SFX MB

    In this Video I show in detail how to Build a Mini Gaming PC of only 6 inch (2.79L), in the smallest possible way, with the smallest hardware components. The motherboard is an STX format, and the video card is a GTX 1050TI 4GB, the processor is an Intel 4600T (great value for money) and the case...
  5. AdamAlex

    Modified Acer 5742G into a small gaming PC

    Hi this is my Destiny theme build Is more a Sunday project rather than an actual build, hope you like it, Here is a link to my video
  6. garyroks

    SFF PC from India

    Hey guys, This is my first build and I really like the SFF cases but the problem is I live in India and the price of the premium SFF cases are just out of my reach due to the high importing cost. So I decided to build a SFF case myself. For this build, I used 2020 aluminum extrusion for the...