X300-M(AX) case F3D file

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F3D file for the X300MAX case, 5.7ish Liters depending on the side panel used.

Cutout for an XT60 connector at the rear for power out, uses a 3W3 Dsub connector for power in, ideally pins on the case side.
Specifically designed for use with the Corsair XR5 radiator, and even then will require a relief cut in the motherboard side overlapping the Rad for clearance, or direct mounting it to the spine.
Motherboard standoffs should be 6mm tall and mount to the GPU side's rear, passing thru the mobo side thru cutouts.
EOSPOWER WLP350 w/ WLP350CK (cover) for power delivery. mounted to the top panel.
Max CPU cooler height is about 40mm, an eisbaer LT is a mm or two from the side panel when installed.
GPU can be no more than 2 slots thick without spacing the side panel, but is able to be about 300mm long.
More specifics on request/ later when I remember.
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