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Useful references for case design

Updated list here:

Here's a list of useful resources for case design:


A brief introduction to CAD software

3D files: Great starting point Great library of SketchUp computer parts Lots of SketchUp parts here too but the quality varies quite a bit Some good quality models here but they're in CAD formats like STEP/IGES

References: Official specification documents for various form factors, like mini-ITX motherboards, ATX power supplies, etc. Useful guidelines for designing sheet metal enclosures

Manufacturing: Terminology, tables, diagrams, and other useful info related to sheet metal fabrication

Great overview of the process of manufacturing a sheet metal enclosure (it's aimed at prototyping though but most of it is similar to production)

Not as technical as the above video but a good overview of the manufacturing process with equipment more typical of small-medium production volumes.

This list is certainly not exhaustive so if you have any suggestions, please leave it in the discussion thread!
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  1. Added link to CAD software intro

    Added link to CAD software intro I wrote for my STX160.0 build log.

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Glad this exists! Happy to find the "accurate-blank-motherboard-pcie-card-models". Helped me out a lot!