black ridge

  1. O

    .STEP Alpenföhn Black Ridge 1.0

    Needed a model of the Alpenföhn Black Ridge for a project, wasn't able to find one. Tried to ask Alpenföhn but they weren't very cooperative, so I made this model from their photos and drawings. It's likely not 100.00% perfectly accurate, but I'm confident it's about +-~0.5mm in most places...
  2. Mandalorian

    Cooling Dan A4 - Asetek 645LT vs Alpenfohn Black Ridge 120mm + fan duct vs 120mm AIO?

    Im deciding between Alpenfohn Black Ridge 120mm + fan duct or to go with Asetek 645LT? Can I expect -10C with Asetek 645LT in this case or difference is smaller?I have ITX GPU, should I consider 120mm Corsair H55/60? CPU 8700 (planning upgrade to 9700)ITX 170mm GPU, no OC ok with lower turbo...
  3. H

    Dan A4 v4.1 build. Advice on parts to buy!!!!

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I hope everyone is doing ok? So anyway, ever since the SFF came on to the scene I have been fascinated by the idea of it and have always wanted to build one myself. I have build a computer for myself before (many, many years ago) but it was an intel i5-3rd gen...
  4. N

    Memory VLP Ram & Black Ridge Compatibility w/ Z390

    Hello, The more I research this the more confusing it gets (this ram stuff is new to me and I'm dumb). I'm doing a Velka 5 build and am researching vlp ram to be used alongside an Alpenfohn Black Ridge and (120mm Noctua low profile fan underneath). I'm in the USA (California) and would...
  5. adamik17

    Cooling Z390 phantom gaming-itx and Black Ridge

    Hi! I don't know where to post this question. I want to find out if the ASRock Z390 Phantom gaming-itx has any cleareance issues with the Alpenföhn Black Ridge. I will be using Corsair Vengeance LPX memory. If anyone here knows the answer, please respond. Thank you in advance! owo
  6. Crossfire Machines

    Cooling Alpenföhn Black Ridge - Unboxing

    Hello everyone! I received my Black Ridge cooler today and deceided to take a few pictures for anyone interested :) > Product Page - I got mine from Caseking > Picture Mirror Packaging Iam proud indeed! There it is! Size comparison with an standard screwdriver - its so small :o...