big shuriken

  1. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling The Scythe Big Shuriken 3. Big performance at a small price.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us a review sample of their new Big Shuriken 3 heatsink. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here.
  2. D

    HELP with Ncase M1 CPU cooler

    Hello, i need advices on my itx upgrade i want to do. i currently have an Silverstone rvz02 a scythe big shuriken 2 rev.b with stock cooler (6700k no oc YET). I have preordered an ncase m1 and want to start tweeking with oc with it since it has better airflow. I was thinking of buying a noctua...
  3. TheInternal

    Update on new SFF (Problems! Oh noes!)

    -stupid iPhone sliced my reply... Updated to include the point of the message.- I have my first SFF build together in over a decade and I'm trying to troubleshoot a major issue. The parts: -Intel i7-4600k -Scythe SCBSK-2100 BIG Shuriken 2 Rev. B -GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 (rev...