1. MrClippy

    Production 92mm Fan adapter for dual 40x20mm fan VRM or motherboard cooling

    I'm not sure if I can post this as I'm not the developer/designer/tester, but I'm in contact with an eBay seller who deals in 3D printed adapters for coolers such as the Cryorig C7. I asked if he could do a mount similar to the one found in this post which would allow for additional two 40x20...
  2. B

    future m.2 bandwidth for PCIe adapters?

    My understanding is that your NVMe M.2 > PCIe x16 adapter has limitations of PCIe x4 speeds as the bandwidth is limited to that amount on the motherboard. As interest seems to be growing for this graphics adapter solution to be used with Mini-STX boards & that ultra small form factor, do you...
  3. M

    Can't find USB 2.0 header adapter for NUC

    I read on intel's website that the internal USB 2.0 headers in the NUC's aren't standard. They can be 2.00 mm pitch or 1.25 m pitch instead of standard 2.54 mm I want to get a remote PC starter, which happens to plug in to a 2.0 header I'm having one HELL of a time finding the proper adapter...
  4. DSmithBYU

    HDPlex 400w DC-ATX+300w AC-DC Combo in a weird, all-in-one adapter idea

    Though I have no CAD skills to create a schematic of what I'm talking about, I've been pondering about a stationary, flat, metal base with screwholes that can hold both HDPlex items in one place. I'm asking because I want to use this combo on certain cases that couldn't while they could fit...
  5. B

    What are 140mm Fan/Radiator Hole Spacings

    As the title would indicate, I'd like to know the exact hole spacings (and also diameter) of the mounting holes for a 140 mm fan/rad. I'm looking into making a small-ish AIO that needs a 75x75mm to 140x10mm adapter. But given the width and height of the fan itself is 140x100 the mounting holes...
  6. Thehack

    Cryorig C7 standard fan adapters

    3d printed. Works great. Heatsink is 32mm. Adapter is 2mm, using Noctua's A9x14, you will get 48mm height.
  7. B

    Power Supply The smallest 150w AC Power adapter?

    Hello guys. I've been searching for some really small AC adapter to power my 130w tdp system, and I found this one: Is there any ~150w AC adapter smaller than this? Thank you
  8. LocoMoto

    Other SATA - M.2 2280 Adapters

    Hey y'all! So I've been thinking a lot about these, so I wanted to check if any of you have used them to save physical space in builds as compared to 2,5" drives for instance! If you have, did you try out a few different ones for stability and performance differences? If you have some...
  9. H

    Power Supply SFX to Flex ATX bracket?

    new to this forum, but just wandering if anyone knows where I could buy a bracket to mount a Flex ATX psu in a space with mounting holes for an SFX psu. I can find ones for ATX to TFX and the obvious ATX to SFX, but nothing to suite my needs. Any help would be much appreciated!
  10. QinX

    .SKP & .STEP SilverStone SST-PP08B ATX to SFX adapter 1.0

    The recently released SilverStone SST-PP08B ATX to SFX adapter bracket allows mounting of an SFX or SFX-L PSU into a ATX PSU mounting hole with a slight offset. Dimensions: 150mm (L) x10mm (H) x 86mm (W) Material: 0.8mm SECC Measurements derived from PP08 Manual (Vector Based outline) and...