3d print

  1. CircleTect

    Concept SPACE CASE: 3d printed mini-itx - NEW 4 slot-gpu support

    PROJECT GITHUB This project is: A case that you can make at home with nearly any consumer 3d printer A case that won't take months/years to ship 🙃 A very easy case to build in Perfect for modding Open source, so you can edit the original design files A case that will continuously receive...
  2. Valantar

    .SKP & .STEP Flexatx PSU cutout cover with C14 and 40mm fan mounts (for MW RPS PSUs etc.) 1

    This is a PSU cutout cover plate for cases meant for FlexATX PSUs, for folks wanting to use an internal AC-DC PSU of some kind (like MeanWell's RPS series). It has a cutout designed for snap-in panel mount C14 sockets, which partially relies on the adjoining case panel for structural support for...
  3. wesbl

    Concept Piston Reborn - ~ 3L low profile gpu case

    This is my new project based on the old Piston PC. It will use an Odroid H2+, a low profile gpu (1650 gddr6 for me) and a flex ATX PSU.
  4. wesbl

    Production Phonon Case: 3D Printed 5.6 liters brickless APU case

    I wanted to focus on a few essential things: ease of printing, modular panels design, unibody appearance, no visible screws, high dissipation capacity (due to my experience with the 3400g). The case is designed for APU users and uses a Flex ATX power supply above the PCIE slot. The cpu cooler...
  5. T

    There are 3D printing files for a small case like A4-SFX, Ncase, A50 etc.?

    Hello. Is there a complete list of 3D models (3D printing) for computer cases? With pictures and technical data (dimensions, max. Dimensions of the graphics card etc.)? But also pictures and plans for self-construction of wood or sheet metal? I currently would like a small mobile (no sensitive...
  6. VELKASE Michael

    3D Printing

    No longer offered. Site staff: please remove post.
  7. M

    Fully 3D Printed 6.7 Liter Build

    Hi, I have just finished 3D printing the latest prototype of my 6.7 liter build. I decided to create my own case because I wanted to use a CPU fan that is higher than the ones supported by the DAN Case (my so far favorite sff case), while also not having to rely on a small form factor video...
  8. JetA1

    Prototype E21: 3D printed 3.2L APU case

    Introducing my first project case! Case Specifications: Dimensions: 210*200*70, ~3.2L ITX motherboard without GPU Cooler height with M.2 SSD: 48mm Cooler height with 2x 2.5'' drives under motherboard: 40mm built for external power bricks Rev 1 prototype: The prototype was built...
  9. nrp

    Prototype 3D Printable Fully Parametric Case

    This is now ready for the first release, with a fully customizable, 3d printable traditional shoebox layout. Other layouts may come later. The layout below (that I have personally printed and am using) is 7.15L with a Noctua NH-L12S, an SFX PSU, a 140mm intake fan, and a Zotac 1080 Mini...
  10. Z

    Prototype Folder PC - sub 3.5L 3D printed gaming case

    Height: 216.3mm Width: 89.8mm Depth: 175.5mm External Volume: < 3.41L Easy to print Easy to assemble Quiet Internal PSU mini ITX graphics and MB Design phase is almost complete. Next update will be after the prototype is printed.
  11. Thehack

    Concept 3D Printed Thingies

    I'm about to design some 3d printed thingies to help with SFF builds. So far I have in mind: NH-L9i/a 120mm fan adapter C7 92mm fan adapter (already designed) C7 120mm fan adapter (already designed) ------- What do you think would be useful to have 3d printed?
  12. Z

    Production Gallon PC v3: 3D printable 3.17-3.78L gaming case

    Current version: Gallon v3 Height: 182mm (DC-ATX PSU); 217mm(FlexATX PSU) Width: 98mm Depth: 178mm Case Volume: 3.17-3.78L Case Weight: 200g Total system weight 3kg (e.g.: FSP400-60FGGBA, Gigabyte GTX 1080, Noctua L9a, Asus x470-i, Ryzen 2700) Compared to previous version: - support for 37mm...