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  1. X

    Closed [USA-NH] MSI Aero 3060ti

    Just recently bought a new MSI aero 3060ti from Japan. Used it for about 5 hours total in the past week. Circumstances have changed and I will be switching to a larger case and want to get a larger gpu. Want $850 (Paypal) + shipping within the United States.
  2. morj

    Closed [EU-GER] Sunmilo S02

    Hello all! Selling my nice and balanced build since it didn't find its lucky owner that was initially anticipated. 1600€ or your reasonable offer EVGA 3060Ti XC WD Black NVMe 512GB i7-8700K 32GB RAM Thermalright AXP90-X47 FULL on CPU Black Enhance ENP7660B 600W PSU Dual NF-A9x14 PWM chromax...
  3. S

    Log Skyreach 4 mini build: 5600x + 3060ti

    Had this case for roughly a year now, thought I would share some pictures and thoughts around the experience. Ive previously built systems in a louqe ghost, DAN case and sliger s620. The build currently has the following: Asus rog strix B450-i (old but still a solid board with frequent bios...
  4. FiftyFifty

    Log Velka 7 watercooled 240mm 3060ti

    Hi. This is my new project I am working on. Haven't really had much time lately but trying to doing little by little everyday. Will try to update as much as possible, still a long waaaay to go. :) HARDWARE Case: Velka 7 2.0 Mobo: Asus B560i CPU: Intel Core 5 11400 CPU Block: Alphacool XPX 1U...