1. graphichasan

    Why there is not much hype on active cooled ac-dc brick ? doesn't they make cases more smaller ?

    Hey I designed a active cooled brick with a vary small footprint from standard MeanWell units .... planning to be make ac-dc bricks affordable .... but it seams aside from some awesome people nobody is interested really .... is there a particular reason sff forum just not into high power (800W)...
  2. graphichasan

    Concept Project Thundercreck | Designing an 200W - 400W active cooled ac-dc brick.

    Project Goal : Support at least 3 models 200W, 300W & 400W. Output & input have hydrophobic/hepa filter for IPx4 Resistance. At least IPx4 level of water spell protection of for long service life. Auto Load Shearing of these models if combined with a sli bridge like 2cable sense line. Handle...
  3. M

    Concept 300W PC on a 160 pico PSU, crazy concept?

    Okay, First off, if I am saying something crazy, please, tell me in the comments because I am certainly no expert, but I know enough to think about this crazy concept. So, the idea is simple yet hard to explain hope you all can follow. I am assembling a small pc with a custom diy case made out...
  4. RoLexus

    Power Supply 300W Direct plug Pico PSU

    Just saw this one: https://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/2018-New-ATX-pico-psu-300W_60720817481.html?spm=a2700.7782932.1998701000.2.21bf6e26kN2Uav Still not appear on Taobao or Aliexpress
  5. W

    Closed $120 300W HD-Plex (w/ cables)

    I'm selling my 300W HD-Plex with the cables that come with it. The DC power adapter has been cut out to work with large graphic cards in an S4 mini. Everything works great. I am switching to a more powerful power solution and don't need this unit any longer. Photo: https://ibb.co/f6QcZk Power...
  6. W

    Closed HD PLEX 300W $100

    I'm looking to purchase an HDPLEX HiFi 300W DC-ATX with the 16V-24VDC barrel Input. Please message me with offers.