Meanwell EPP-400-12 AC-DC

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EPP-400 is a 400W PCB power supply series with a high power density and a 5″ x 3″ footprint. The unit accepts 80~264VAC input and offers various output voltages between 12V and 48V. The working efficiency is up to 94% and the no load power consumption is below 0.5W. EPP-400 can be used with both Class I (with FG) and Class II (no FG) system designs. EPP-400 is equipped with complete protection functions and complies with the international safety regulations TUV EN60950-1, UL60950-1 and IEC60950-1. EPP-400.

Footprint is 127x77x40mm which is half the height of SFX, and an inch narrower.
It supplies 250w passive, or 400w with 25cfm (which is a decent 80mm fan, or 2 good 40mm, depending on what orientation you want). You can power the EPS and PCIE power straight from it as it has a 120mVp-p voltage ripple which is (just) in spec for ATX (In reality, it is much much less, but this is what it is rated at),
Then and use a dc plug in board such as a pico psu for the 24 pin connector.
It also has a 5v 1A standby and 12v .5A for driving its own fan, plus its own PS-ON signal and Power Good, which can be wired (inverted) to the motherboard, with a little fenangling.

They are about US$50 and has a full data sheet available from the website below.

This resource was made from the plans on the datasheet. and includes hidden screenshots of the plans. It is not 100% accurate with whats on the board, but the dimensions and other stuff are good. They are also all separate groups, so you can remove or hide at will. I havent added the holes in the heatsinks yet.

epp400-12 2.png
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