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    DAN A4-SFX v4.1

    @dondan found a typo on your website: Using a PCIe® extender allowes for the (
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    Discussion List of ITX GPU (with dimensions?)

    My case is designed for 170mm and under, so i suspect i'm out of luck. I designed it myself so i guess i could change 4 panels to extend the length by 10mm~ to 180 and gain a bunch more compatibility :S
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    Discussion List of ITX GPU (with dimensions?)

    Is there a spreadsheet or such of a list of ITX GPUs with dimensions? Preferably on google sheets for sorting pleasure...
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    YASFF Build

    I've updated my build! - Changed from Xeon 1231v3 + Asus z97i to Ryzen 2700x + MSI b450i - Changed side panel from slits to open air, since it was creating a turbulent noise. - Custom sleeved cables from WinKool on Aliexpress (only $30~ USD for 24pin + EPS + PCI-E) - Added a 180 degree...
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    Concept 16l 3d-printed mitx case that fits the cryorig h7

    Do you have your own 3d printer? Otherwise 3d printing it could be costly. 17L is a nice goal - the layout is the same as the sugo sg10 but without the area behind the motherboard for 3.5" hdd
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    Custom Lenght Sleeved PSU Power Cables **Gauging Interest**

    There's definitely a market for it, but if you are charging more than china does (look at winkool on AliExpress), then it has to be better quality or close to pslate quality.
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    Rumor UserBenchmark Says that Ryzen 3600 is "4%" faster that Ryzen 2700x

    Saw that yesterday - it lines up with the claimed IPC that they showed at computex (ryzen 3000 should be same ipc as intel 8000/9000)
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    Motherboard MSI b450i Gaming plus

    XeaLouS submitted a new resource: MSI b450i Gaming plus - Budget Am4 Ryzen 2000 ITX board, with good VRMs Read more about this resource...
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    .SKP MSI b450i Gaming plus 1.0

    Measurements are guesstimates, with most components stolen from other motherboards. The IO heatsink is vaguely accurate in height/width, since my model of another heatsink fits within a similar tolerance to the real heatsink and motherboard.
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    There's a 50% chance you can just unscrew the heatsink from below. I did it on my asus z97i. Then, you can get adhesive 1cm mini heatsinks to attach to the mosfets
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    You need to remove the heatsinks, otherwise it wont fit. You could easily mock it up in sketchup using the NH-L12S model, and guesstimating heights (usually the heatsinks are like 25-30mm tall) Someone already modeled the aorus z390i. The Nh-L12s does not fit, due to the heatsink near the IO...
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    Cooling Noctua NH-L12S

    XeaLouS submitted a new resource: Noctua NH-L12S - 70mm cooler with 120mm bottom mount Read more about this resource...
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    .SKP Noctua NH-L12S 2019-05-28

    Recreated from drawings. Main differences from NH-L12 Thicker heatsink 25mm vs 23mm Offset of cooler has changed to 66/80 vs 62/88, centering it more. Height changed to 70mm from 66mm.
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    Custom Prototype (1 off) PCB's?

    Are you familiar with eagle/kicad? these are the programs people usually use to design pcbs. This ends up with a gerber file that can be sent directly to manufacturers who can print your PCB. Lots of people in the mechanical keyboard subreddit have done this. If its for a computer motherboard, i...
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    Motherboard B450i Mini itx Motherboards

    Has anyone tried undervolting on the MSI b450i? Some reddit threads have reported that the optoin is in the bios but it doesnt actually work. My use case is i bought a 2700x for the price of a new 2600x, and i need it to be cool and quiet (2700 performance...) I'm guessing i need to do the...