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    Log Blacksheep's builds (Current: Silverstone Sugo SG05 - Windows 10, Lone L5 - Windows XP)

    Also: KONTRON 986LCD-M/mITX Another s479 itx: HP Asus MOCA-AR (Calcite) found on eBay
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    Enclosure Can someone recommend a case that is about 5" or less wide that will hold 2070 Super w/o riser

    SFF Master List dark energy black hole BH-S Smallest one Acat3 V2.0
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    X300TM-ITX supports Cezanne APUs (5xxxG)
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    Completed REVOCCASES RCC-TIPIO1 | 1.9L Thin ITX PIO Console Case

    Very nice slim case, but i preffer i/o shield cutout instead for specific model motherboard. Or you will offer bundle case and motherboard. I`m interested how well perform cpu cooler. Also found some advice about cnps2x cooler mounting in vertical case: About GPU cooling maybe if there is...
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    Prototype SFF Blower Heatsink (Like the Alseye OP-SH200)

    Cooler revision in copper: STH-0558B (65W TDP) Remind of Zalman CNPS2X About another type blower, there are also interesting models (STH-0607 and ST-HS-0119), but i like 1032-00
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    Cooling Review: Thermalright AXP90-X36 - new 36mm cooler,gl/XDc2zZGWuZABFfu56 replace "," with "." Not post user, but It looks like CPU is Quad core 4GHz
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    Completed DIY "laptop" / portable PC

    Similar cooling solution used in: Hybrid Transformer One - Portable modular All-in-One system
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    Completed DIY "laptop" / portable PC

    Then if i understand correct when charging while there is load on DC-ATX, you will have two parallel sources- ac-dc and boost-buck converter and boost converter will probably burn trying supply both buck converter and battery charge. Mosfet part i still don`t get it
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    Completed DIY "laptop" / portable PC

    Maybe this is the correct one: AC-DC ----------------------->|------------------------DC-ATX 12.6V | | | | (out: 12.3V) BOOST BUCK CONVERTER...
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    Completed DIY "laptop" / portable PC

    Nice project. I have in mind similar idea, but with touchscreen (no keyboard) Also this bring me some ideas for my project with QD188PD powerbank (supports 100W) I have few suggestions: 1. IMO better position for battery is where keyboard is. This is beneficial in two way: weight ballance and...
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    Log Blacksheep's builds (Current: Silverstone Sugo SG05 - Windows 10, Lone L5 - Windows XP)

    Just found USB 3.0 front panel for PC719 if case comes with 2.0 ports: CLKF845 Also about GPU need to remove HDD cage (fixed with four rivets)
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    As far i know with white arrow and red dot mark first pin and connection they show is wrong(?):
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    News AXP90-X53 A new AXP90 but in 53mm

    I`m not sure if it work (probably it won`t) but you can try with stock clips on AXP90: