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    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    You don't accomodate even the smallest mid-range cards. 220w would work at stock config in this case. Founders Editions cards are limited to US consumers. Nobody in the rest of the world will be able to build in your case because of increasing cooler sizes Make what you will of it. I'm not here...
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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 3080 FE and R9 5950x - 800W, 5l, water cooled

    How do you reckon a dual 92mm would stand in comparison to the 140mm?
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    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    No. I'm not.
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    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    This assumes you can't tweak them to draw less without any performance loss. Which you can. My point wasn't about 3080 cards, though. It cannot fit most 3070 cards, despite them not exceeding the power demand of a 1080ti while rocking bigger heatsinks. You're essentially limiting people to 3060...
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    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    This is just blatantly wrong. GPUs are using less power but they are being equipped with bigger coolers. That's why I'm hoping for 2.5 slot support. This generation of mid-range ITX thas been completely neglected by GPU manufacturers. Simultaneously, case creators are imposing archaic GPU...
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    Prototype Heartcase 3D printed ITX 12L case V1.0

    That's really cool! Good job!
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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    *cries in 232mm 3070*
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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    I suppose somebody has probably asked this before, but if no more runs are being made, maybe the community could have access to the cad files? The thread is still active and interest still high. :> <3
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    I'm not very savvy - could this replace my Hdplex dc-atx? How are the thermals?
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    Motherboard Problems with x570 and USB

    This might not be applicable to the context and might not even be the same issue, but I had issues with some midi USB devices which were not registering at all and the solution was to use a passive usb hub. Using an aorus x570i
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    Concept Circle CORE - 280mm rad, 3-slot GPU, 78mm CPU height, mesh panels, 13.7L ITX

    Eyy! This is amazing! The colours are great and I'm curious how it would look in transluscent orange. If this went into production with HDPlex support I'd order in a second.
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    Concept LU X - 11.3L Focus on premium design and liquid cooling - Slim Console Style

    I love the look, but there could be lots of space optimisation. 1.) The GPU doesn't allow for a custom loop. If it did, you could shorten the case significantly as very few waterblocks come close to that length. 2.) The two slot limitation makes it impractical considering its volume. 3. PSU...
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    Enclosure Louqe RAW S1 coming soon!

    It'd be nice if it was space efficient. You could fit a 360 radiator in ~9-10l vertical with a modular psu config.
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    Production Gecko ITX size L - Fit 3.5 slot GPU and 280mm AIO

    idk if this is on my end, but the imgur links aren't loading.
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    Production ZS Cases - A4 V3.1 8.4L - C14 3rd Update

    What's the reasoning behind 2.9 slots instead of 3?