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    My new Lian-Li PC-Q38W build! (Silver)

    I dunno as I don't have a ruler.
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    My new Lian-Li PC-Q38W build! (Silver)

    Recently had to switch case after getting a new RX Vega 56 GPU that was too long for my old case (Silverstone SG05). After looking through all the options, I thought this case looked pretty awesome! (Was pretty expensive at £115 though). I was torn between getting this and a Raijintek Metis...
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    Stalled cases FX 4.7L by Custom_MOD

    Thanks for the reply. I'm slightly confused. Do you mean 4.4L Rev.4? Or the 4.9L rev.3?
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    Stalled cases FX 4.7L by Custom_MOD

    Got a question before I order one - how neatly does the 300W internal AC-DC power brick fit inside the nano (3.8l) case? Does it mount to the side of the case or something? Also, which would be the best size to get for the HDPLEX 400W unit + 300W AC-DC combo?
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    The Breadbox (~2.3L of goodness)

    Hope mods don't mind mentioning this, but If you want a Bplus adapter let me know, I've got one up on ebay lel
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    Power Supply HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX direct plug

    It's a law of physics :P Energy is never lost, only converted to another form :P (and binary data is not a form of energy :P)
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    News Low profile MSI GTX 1050 ti

    If you could get someone to ship it to you from Japan they have the single slot ELSA 1050ti :p Edit: This isn't low profile, so ignore me..
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    News Low profile MSI GTX 1050 ti

    Keep in mind this is just my opinion, and I haven't ran any direct comparisons but: I own the gigabyte 1050 ti and have owned the MSI 750 ti LP (which uses the same fans as the 1050 version by the looks of it). What I can say is that the MSI's fans were not silent at idle on the 750 ti (due to...
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    Stalled cases FX 4.7L by Custom_MOD

    Kinda interested in this case. Would an HDPLEX internal ac-dc power supply fit inside this instead of a flex psu?
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    How does SFF community feel about laptops?

    Laptops are getting way better for their size recently, especially in terms of processing power. Only issues are: 1) Poor graphics power (unless you get a high end laptop),# 2) Noise (one of the biggest downsides for me) 3) Reliability (if one thing inside gets damaged, the whole laptop becomes...
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    SFF shopping in Akihabara

    Wow, they have such good selection of SFF stuff. Wish we had stores like this in the UK! Also jealous that you are visiting Tokyo right now! It's on my list of places to visit. Did you also check out any anime shops in akihabara while you were there? :D
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    New SFF Computer

    I don't see why your Hadron system wouldn't be able to run silently. You've got a decent sized CPU heatsink, which should stay silent with a decent 120mm fan at low speed. The only noise producing components I can see in that build are the CPU cooler and GPU cooler (and case fans) and these...
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    STX with m.2 GPU fun build

    What happened to the new HDPLEX DC-DC unit that was supposed to be on the way? At the end of the day though, for a proper solution we just need to wait for new motherboards or more advanced pico PSUs to come out.
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    STX with m.2 GPU fun build

    Yeah I did try that (although not for 20 minutes just tried unplugging he battery and shorting the CMOS switch whiel power off), unfortunately still didn't work. Am returning it to amazon though, so all should be good
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    Completed STX160.0 - The most powerful ATX unit, in the world!

    This is the tiniest and best build i've seen in my life.