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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    Holy freaking smokes i didnt saw that the first time but ASRock supports bifurcation on the Fatal1ty b450 gaming itx (literally the cheapest itx on the chipset aside from super o (?))
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    Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    Holy smokes, 106 mm on the cpu cooler compatibility, sign me in
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    Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    Not sure about the airflow situation, the GPU might block most of the air coming from the bottom and the power supply positioning worries me a little of choking the CPU with a cooler at max heigth aside from that, cool concept, definitely we need more smaller budget cases
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    SFF.Network Fractal Design’s ERA Chassis Review

    i looked at Harware Canucks review of the case, and the temps after removing the panels concerns me because that means they migth be lower with better legs like the new ones from NCase M1 and diferent side panels, i get the later is harder to pull off because of the design of the case (wich I...
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    Nice concept, i was playing with the idea myself, but for the proyect im planing to use bifurcation is a dual itx system, a server side and a "normal user" side using a revolt power supply to power both
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    Power Supply Dual system build, PSU advice needed please

    sorry if this is too late, but have you seen the revolt series from phanteks, plus love tosee pictures for your proyect
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    im thinking on a custom case, working on the desing tho
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    but i mean how do i mount it to the case?, i was thinking on moving a couple of lines to acomodate for two mounting holes, but that sould work as a prototype
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    so with a new concept in mind [no multigpu setup] i was looking for a riser card that has an x4 x4 x8 layout to bifurcate from the x16 slot found on the gigabyte x570 itx so far found this: wich as far as i know is exactly what i need, the issue is that idont know if it will work or if its...
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    SFF.Network Raijintek Launches the Metis Evo

    I'm happy too, and not only for that, having more cases with 200mm fan and rad support are comming back hopefully they form a standar for them
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    Prototype Project Orthrus - Smallest SLI mATX case (V2)

    Dang, thats a hard to swallow pill, but true tho
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    Asrock thunderbolt graphics card

    I was looking if it was posible a crazy concept that i had and for it i needed a thin itx mobo with thunderbolt ports embeded (or at least one with the thunderbolt header) but anyways i stumbled on this , here (Anandtech) so what do you think if consumers got their hans on one of this...
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    Cooling I have a crazy idea

    @ZSMOD I dont know if you are still developing the idea but i found the link of the forum i told you, if you are interested
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    Feedback The SFF.N Update Thread: Track our work!

    Guys, i dont know if it is just me but the page loads like the mobile version of the page instead of the desktop version (note here, that only happens when i open the page on google chrome) Edit: i think there should be the ability to drop pictures over without the use of a link, but what do i...
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    Feedback The SFF.N Update Thread: Track our work!

    Hey there, just saying that a tab for "watching treads" should be a usefull addition to the page (it is a headache trying to find a forum in here after it havent seen any activity for a while)