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    Concept Carbon Fibre PC Cases (MODCASE Model 2 of 2)

    I love this case, it's really unique, nice combination of exposed fasteners and CF. Clever use of mesh, too! How close to production are you? Are you looking for feedback & ideas on the design, or are you already gearing up to sell and/or crowdfund?
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    What brought me to sff

    OCN RIP.
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    Other Photoshop CS6 running slow...

    Nothing stands out as a red flag in terms of specs, although the computer is getting a little old for this type of work imo. It sounds like it will need some troubleshooting. Good on you for helping your mom ? I'd try to replicate the issue with a hardware monitor running. Chances are CPU or...
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    Motherboard Z490 ITX Sticker Shock.

    Completely agree. Once manufacturers figure it out they'll phase out lower pricing on ITX gear completely. Smaller is better and its becoming more common for first-time PC builders to start with an ITX build. I decided on a B450 build once Z490 prices were leaked. I spent the $150 saved on a...
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    COVID-19 Discussion Thread

    Great resources, thank you! Now that my fam is safely holed up at home I need to get my f@h rig going again and do more to help to others who need it. A great local resource, Free Geek, is equipping kids with computers so they can learn from home and needs donations, I'd recommend donating extra...
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    Concept Billet Aluminium - 6.4L ITX Case

    Yesssss, I love it! Will the 10-15 mm shift of the GPU to contain the bracket within the case cause any issues getting the riser cable to fit? I don't know that I've seen anyone do this, but it seems like an elegant way to hide the bracket. I'll take mine in copper please.
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    An end-of-year update from SFF.N

    Message received, I finally subbed! Keep up the great work, the site is looking fantastic and I know you and other contributors have put in a ton of work to build & improve the site. Its always my first stop for sff news & projects.
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    Completed MJOLNIR: The minimalistic – but not boring – 9.7L Case

    Nicely done Alex! Well earned.
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    Where to buy Anodized M3 countersunk screws & washers?

    Try McMaster Carr or a local fastener store if you're in a large city (not a hardware store... you'll need more of an industrial supplier). Anodizing is for aluminum only, which is too soft for fasteners. So the keyword you want for the finish is black oxide. You'll want to measure your...
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    Love the new stand, congrats on the launch!!
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    News Thermalright AXP90

    Burgundy and orange fans, rejoice!
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    Prototype Project 404 - Sub 10 liter Vertical Tower

    I like where this is going...
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    CPU CPU dilemma - Which one is better for an ITX graphic designer build?

    I would personally go for the more mature, cheaper platform, unless there's built in features with x570 that you can't live without. It never hurts to have an extra year of bios updates & knowledgebase info as a resource, and reliability will be important since it'll be a workstation.
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    Prototype Worst idea ever? A slightly different SFF case: the G-Design GD47

    Love your concept. Another idea for fan grilles without too much visual change would be clear acrylic pieces. You could have some fun with the shapes to maximize airflow and/or create an interesting pattern.