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    What's on Taobao

    @tinyitx do you know the price of the deng f15 shipped in total to the US?
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    Concept Salvo Studios S402: ~9L Steel Console Style Case

    Steel is real! Received my S401 early last week and it's rock solid. Was drawn to the line of Salvo cases initially because of the console layout and steel construction in the world of aluminum cases. The giveaway came with a surprise, thanks to the generosity of @grsychckn !! The build came...
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    Selling [USA-UT] Hardware clear out

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    What's on Taobao

    I think I have a list of my* personal favorites. Holy grail cases for sure. Minimal cnc'd aluminum cases. Beautiful. Deng F15: Deng F12: Smallest One...
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    What's on Taobao

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    Funding LAUNCH 26/11 4PM CET | MJOLNIR: A minimalistic – but not boring – 9.7L Case | THOR ZONE

    I, for one, probably prefer the higher 3.9kg weight with the panels. The thiccness and the weight are what get me off, really. I can't believe it weighs as much as the circle pro case, but uses thinner cnc panels and structure! Is it really 3.9kg?
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    Closed WTB a DSE Breathe or similar vertical case

    I've got a black one in excellent condition.
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    Production DSE Breathe - A 7.3L Vertical Format ITX Tower

    Speaking of great cases, mine has been sitting for a while, I'm into cramming AIOs into smaller cases now. Mine is up for grabs, pm me if interested. Can't wait for DSE's next design!
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    Closed CCD MI-6

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    Selling [AUS] Project mATX, JP Artisan, Lone L3, Ghost S1

    Pmed about 5 days ago for the project matx and artisan case
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    Production The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Also owned an A4, M1, and the MI-6. Some of the touches on the MI-6, including the 3mm top panel, gpu mount bracket, and the brushed aluminum finish are much nicer (imo) and the aluminum structure of the M1 and A4 feel a bit flimsy and light to me.
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    Production The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Recently picked up a DA2 and may be looking to offload my Mi-6 FE