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    Other What's on Taobao

    The Vikingdom M1S has exceeded my expectations. I'd say it has better build quality than the DA2.
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    Selling [USA-UT] Hardware clear out

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    I think both of you guys made an extremely good choice in picking the deng f12. It is one of the best in terms of build quality on taobao in my opinion. I haven't owned it, but from the specs, the weight.... damn that is one beast of a case
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    Buying DSE Breathe

    Hey, I sold mine a few months back. Good luck with the search. Loved mine, but unless you really like the veetical form factor and aesthetics of the case, I find taobao cases to be quite interesting and of higher quality aluminum and manufacturing process. They are more of the standard m1/a4...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    @tinyitx do you know the price of the deng f15 shipped in total to the US?
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    Concept Salvo Studios S402: ~9L Steel Console Style Case

    Steel is real! Received my S401 early last week and it's rock solid. Was drawn to the line of Salvo cases initially because of the console layout and steel construction in the world of aluminum cases. The giveaway came with a surprise, thanks to the generosity of @grsychckn !! The build came...
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    Selling [USA-UT] Hardware clear out

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    Other What's on Taobao

    I think I have a list of my* personal favorites. Holy grail cases for sure. Minimal cnc'd aluminum cases. Beautiful. Deng F15: Deng F12: Smallest One...
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    Other What's on Taobao

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    Production MJOLNIR: The minimalistic – but not boring – 9.7L Case

    I, for one, probably prefer the higher 3.9kg weight with the panels. The thiccness and the weight are what get me off, really. I can't believe it weighs as much as the circle pro case, but uses thinner cnc panels and structure! Is it really 3.9kg?
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    Completed Circle Pro - Solid Alu CNCed mini-itx case - 240mm liquid cooling

    Anyone looking to sell theirs? Serious buyer here
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    Closed WTB a DSE Breathe or similar vertical case

    I've got a black one in excellent condition.