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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    The WX 2100, 3100, and 4100 all fit (single-slot low-profile workstation cards). MSI has a low-profile, single-slot RX 550 with a dual-slot cooler. They also have a low-profile, dual-slot RX 560 which is rare as hen's teeth and bordering on insultingly expensive for a 560, even used. VisionTek...
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    motherboard recommendation

    The Asrock looks the best to me. Not the Asus because it only has a single HDMI display output (limiting if you ever want to throw another monitor on there), and no USB C. It does have a second m.2 slot, which is nice, but it doesn't look like it works with APUs, so it's not of any use to you...
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    The Element: Intel's Push For A Modular PC

    This seems like a kludgy solution and I'm unsure what the problem they think they're solving is. Is it making their NUCs repairable and upgradable? If so, sticking with more standard parts (like a socketed CPU and an STX-sized motherboard with a PCIe slot) would have made more sense. Is it...
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    First SFF-build - need input before Final purchase

    For the Blu-Ray drive it's worth seeing if you can find a LibreDrive-compatable unit, which makes ripping UHD disks possible. I've always found the Blu-Ray player apps for computers to be lackluster compared to the experience playing back DVDs, and it's nice to have the option to just rip the...
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    Please check my build - first time building SFF NCASE M1 v6

    This all looks good to me. I'm not sure about the specific cooler location questions (besides that I think the only place a 240 mm rad will fit is on the side panel), but I do want to reassure you that a 650 W PSU will be overkill, if anything. For that build I'd probably go with the Corsair...
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    Idle Wonderings and Maybe a Build Log: A Brickless Wesena ITX4-V3 (Streacom F7C) Build

    So I'm plotting my next build (tentatively with a 8700k and a WX 4100), and I've been thinking about the possibilities that a Meanwell PSU would open up. I've always been interested in Streacom's smaller options, especially the F7C. I don't have a need for more GPU power than a low-profile...
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    God bless Larry for underrating things.
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    What's the peak wattage of the HDplex 80 W? You'd want to make sure there was at least 5 W for the circuitry of the enclosure itself and 15 W for power delivery back to the laptop.
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    That strikes me as a solid division. I like the internal PSU on the low-profile card, too, especially because it'll make it a hell of a lot easier to transport. For the full-height version I think SFX is probably the best idea, just because they're around the same price at the same efficiency...
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    It's definitely a niche product, but I feel like there's a market for it. There are mass-market enclosures that are in that price range. The Razer Core X is like $300, and the Chroma version is $100 more. A well-designed ~$150-$200 chassis that used a mass-market ~$200 Thunderbolt 3 enclosure as...
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    Yeah that's definitely fair. Are you thinking 75w cards or more power than that?
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    I think there's an underserved market for a short-ish eGPU case that uses a A4-like layout but cut down a little bit. So you'd have clearance for a ~230 mm GPU (which'll fit a lot of Nvidia cards and a fair chunk of AMD's low-to-mid-range), a SFX unit mounted at the front like it is on the A4...
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    GPU Tiny eGPU- Echo Express SEL

    If you're okay with Thunderbolt 3, it looks like they have a low-profile one that'd be perfect for a WX 4100. I know some folks on the eGPU forums have had success with just connecting a bigger PSU to their enclosures to get them to power cards without external power adapters, and since this guy...
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    Dune case is back with the Dune Pro

    Man, you weren't kidding on that. They're even copying the double-sided spherical air intakes! I mean on a certain level I get this a little more than the 2013 Mac Pro inspired design (square parts in a round enclosure always struck me as a little silly), but man, who's the market for this...
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    Rumor RX 5500 Might Be Coming Soon-Ish

    Appreciate the correction! Less good news in that case, but I suppose we were never really counting on AMD to have good performance per watt in the first place.