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    Builder’s Showcase: Adrian Waters @80isplus - Interview and photo gallery of his best builds, most of which are SFF!

    A few years ago I started a little series in which I showcase a PC builder/modder that has an impressive portfolio of builds and projects. Essentially, for these builders to catch my attention and get featured, they have to have at least a handful or so of unique builds, in which the majority of...
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    News MSI - Prestige P100 9th

    Despite the cheesy ad, I like that companies are starting to release SFF sized pre-builts. This one and the Trident 3 are both pretty cool looking. I think it can be a good gateway to get people in PCs in general, and if they start with one that is SFF, they'll most likely stick with SFF when...
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    SFF.Network Noctua Hoodies Now Available

    lmao same! I mean Noctua is great but idk how I feel about wearing a *Noctua brown sweater lol
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    Power Supply What Makes Corsair SFX Better Than the Rest?

    I feel it’s about accessibility right now. Looking through Amazon and Newegg Corsair SFX are on both and at good prices. I noticed that EVGA, Silverstone, Lían Li, Fractal, etc, tend to only be on one or the other and sometimes at a much higher price than the Corsair. im going off my memory of...
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    Night Shade (200W, SFF Build)

    Funny, the lighting makes it look more like an aquarium/terrarium! Beautiful build!
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    What games are you playing?

    I recently decided to try out Apex Legends since I played it when it first came out. I didn’t enjoy it the first time but I’m not sure why I’ve been digging it quite a bit lately! alos, working thru AC Origins and want to move on to RDR2 after.
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    SFF Workstation (Ghost S1 MKII, x2 1080 Ti, i9-9990K)

    Wow, this looks amazing, murked out!
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    3900X & Quadro RTX5000 Meet the Loque Ghost S1 | Ultimate Workstation

    Looks great! Your production quality is great, especially since it seems that you recently started your YT channel! Do you have social media accounts yet?
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    A quick guide to 'console-style' couch gaming based on my setup!

    Thanks for the info, this would definitely make a great Steam Machine/console setup! I didn't think it through this route as I also use my PC for work at my desk so I don't mind booting to the desktop first, but if I were to setup my PC just at the TV to be a full time couch gamer, I would...
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    A quick guide to 'console-style' couch gaming based on my setup!

    LMAO well in this case its the 25 year old non-virgin :D but yeah I 'm a bit of a geek with action figures and other collectibles lol thank you! I put it under the 'alternatives' section lol I don't have much experience with it but I did read it was a pretty capable couch gaming tool! Good to...
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    A quick guide to 'console-style' couch gaming based on my setup!

    I wrote this on my blog but I figured maybe it'll be helpful for someone on this forum! Let me know what you think about it, would love to discuss better alternatives and whatnot! Convert your setup to game on your PC like if it was a console, only better! note: this is a quick guide on setting...
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    6.8L MiniCube

    This is straight up SFF porn lol amazing job, that cooler looks friggin awesome in there!
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    PSA: NCASE does not have an instagram presence.

    I second what he said about the Ncase presence
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    PSA: NCASE does not have an instagram presence.

    I'm starting to think that his name was "Dan" on purpose... Kinda scary to think he went so far to impersonate you guys. But seems like it's over with now?