Builder’s Showcase: Adrian Waters @80isplus - Interview and photo gallery of his best builds, most of which are SFF!


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Jan 7, 2016
A few years ago I started a little series in which I showcase a PC builder/modder that has an impressive portfolio of builds and projects. Essentially, for these builders to catch my attention and get featured, they have to have at least a handful or so of unique builds, in which the majority of them are small-form-factor (SFF). After a long hiatus, the series is back and we are going to hit the ground running with a builder that caught my eye rather quickly on Instagram because of the level of quality and creativity in his work.

Adrian Waters is an Australian PC enthusiast that mostly builds PCs for friends and family, but enjoys putting in a bit of extra work to make these PCs stand out as unique and memorable. Whether it’s just a few adjustments to add a color theme, or a fully custom build, all of his work leaves a lasting impression. Below is an interview with him, as well as details and pictures of some of his most impressive work. Enjoy!