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    Concept 3D printable 5L-class FlexATX/ITX GPU case project

    Well it's been a while, but I've finally posted files for the case here: Still haven't added the USB hub I've had for ages on a table though...
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    Power Supply SFF PSU

    Seems like a terrible planning choice, by the time you've got everything the first part you've bought will either be obsolete or available for much cheaper than you paid for it just to store it on a shelf...
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    Buying cheap Windows 10 licence key

    Never had issues with $3 eBay keys.
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    This is to connect an USB-C output to a DP monitor, not the opposite. EDIT: Forum didn't show me the previous answer until now for some reason.
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    Power Supply Why do modular PSUs use proprietary connectors and cables?

    Not swapping regularly, just replacing a broken one. If you buy a replacement PSU and the cables fit it's pretty normal you'd want to keep the cables that are already in place to avoid redoing your entire cable management. But that can lead to disaster becasue of the lack of standard.
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    Power Supply Why do modular PSUs use proprietary connectors and cables?

    What he means is that the pinouts and connector variants on the PSU side of modular cables vary between manufacturers and sometimes even models even if the same plug family is used, resulting in not being able to have one cable for all.
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    Power Supply Why do modular PSUs use proprietary connectors and cables?

    Likely that when modular PSUs appeared each manufacturer thought they had a better solution than whatever was already out there, that's the usual reason for multiple variations to appear. Or just out of convenience. Easier to route PCB with so-and-so pinout? ok, we'll make the cables accordingly
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    I asked myself the same question, but figured it was really to have something "as small as possible, no compromises" rather than something that would make more sense even if a tad larger...
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    [STALLED] NFC S4M-C #524 - project ?RoadRunner (Battery Powered Portable PC)

    Yup nothing new, been attempted many times but never really worked commercially.
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    Power Supply PFH500F — 500W AC-DC Power Module (GaN)

    This needs external filtering so it has to be mounted on a PCB with the additional components, and will likely be around the same volume once that's done...
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    PPL - Performance Per Liter, Round 2!

    If considering storage I wouldn't necessarily count storage performance since that typically doesn't have an impact on volume, but rather storage amount that does. I agree about using newer Cinebench, R15 runs so quickly on modern high performance CPUs that when I did my submission I noticed...
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    Anyone else dealing with decision paralysis?

    ...or figure out how to put as much computer as possible while staying small :p Last time it also took me several months to figure out what would seem like a good upgrade, and I put it on hold a couple of times due to just not being able to come with anything interesting. Next build will have...
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    Choosing a cooler for i9-9900k

    Sorry, missed this post... Here after 10mins of Furmark's CPU burner, 4.6 all core, 140W, temp limit set to 99°C in BIOS:
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    Air duct for Noctua NH-L9i in InWin Chopin

    Quick one, made a little 3D printed air duct to avoid hot air recirculation due to the bulge on the side panel of the InWin Chopin when using an L9i. Haven't done any thorough before/after but I seem to be getting a good 10°C reduction in temps in my config, and also the overall system/case temp...