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    Production M2427 - Cable Management Freedom

    Ok, so on the product link: I am seeing 20 in stock for J-HACK M2427 but at the check (the add to cart button) it is displayed as out of stock. Is this a glitch ?
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    Production M2427 - Cable Management Freedom

    Just to confirm, this will technically support Corsair Type 4 - 24-pin ATX ?
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    Raijintek Thetis: Another small ATX case

    Sharing build I made for my wife (inspired by this thread). Specs: Pentium G4560 Asrock H110 Btc Pro mobo Palit Gtx 1060 SJS Corsair HX 1200 320Gb Seagate HDD 120Gb Kingston SSD 250 WD Green SSD (M.2) As you can you can see parts are 2nd hand and comes from gpu mining. The psu fan will never...
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    Stalled Project Stealth - 5.7L, custom 400W PSU, 270mm GPU

    Curious to see the size comparison between the s4m.
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    Completed Project PURE: 3L APU case, MEANWELL Support

    for simplicity and cost, my vote goes to 2 panel.
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    Announcement Lazer3D Launches the HT5 - and a Giveaway!

    the HT5 for me because of it's size and multiple configuration.
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    Can a high tdp gpu cooler swap to a low end gpu.

    is this possible? for the sole purpose of making a passively cooled gpu. an example would be a Palit 1080 ti Superjetstream cooler (with it fans removed) be place in a Palit 1050 ti StromX. (this is just an example since I do know that there is a Palit 1050 ti Kalmx, those two gpu mentioned are...