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    GPU RTX 3060 ti reference pcb rough model This is a model that I'm using for a stacked water block deign for a sub 4 liter water-cooled system. Hopefully this proves useful to someone lese as well.
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    Production VALKPC VF-1

    It looks pretty cool. I would like to see a bit more protection for it an open air case intended to display components. It you could somehow introduce a piece of acrylic behind the motherboard I think that would be a bit better and adding some mesh behind the psu would be interesting in my opinion.
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    welcome to the club
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    FSP Flexguru 300W - custom cable

    I'm pretty sure the pinouts for the fx500 and fx300 are the same. Geek makes custom cables for the fx 300. You could probably just ask them too for extra conformation.
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    Concept case SLM 2.5L by Custom_MOD

    I just need one for a custom case. I'm not yet done working on it but this power supply size fits my ideal layout. I plan to use a 3060 and a ryzen 5 3600 in the final build. Мне просто нужен один для нестандартного случая. Я еще не закончил работу над этим, но этот размер блока питания...
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    Concept case SLM 2.5L by Custom_MOD

    Could you make another model similar to this one? They don't sell this anymore and I think the 300-400 watt margin is what most of the market is looking for.
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    I think he means more of a maximum output per each component. It will max out at 300 total watts but you have leverage for how much power each of your components consumes based on weather your going with a power intensive gpu or a hungry cpu.
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    Prototype G-uniq 3.7L brickless 1080ti mini case breaking record

    He has a discord where you can dm him and see the other projects he has been working on. You can also email him, his information is on this page.
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    This might make a good combo with the direct plug your designing.
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    Power Supply 400W pico psu from aliexpress

    I pointed out something similar to revocases and he said its pretty bad and becomes incredibly hot under low load(200 watts).
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    Power Supply Aliexpress direct plug and ac-dc redundant psu combo

    Ok thanks. A quick question about the gxr one 600 watt plugin. When is that gonna be available again?
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    Power Supply Aliexpress direct plug and ac-dc redundant psu combo

    I found an redundant psu and pico direct plug combo unit on aliexpress which I found pretty interesting. This could make some pretty sick brick less builds like petricors s4m but without all the concern and hassle of frying your components considering it works as advertised...
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    Do you have a prototype ready for viewing? I'm pretty interested to see it in action with thermals and size profile.
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    Discussion Are there any 3d PC cad design services?

    Before I learned how to use fusion 360 I used protocases pc case builder. It allowed for you make basic designs and hardware layout ideas. It had io cutouts, standoff mounting positions presets and an estimated price measure. Its a browser cad tool and is pretty good. I ultimately advise trying...
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    Motherboard P320S STX Motherboard with normal PCIe 16x slot

    I would but I’ve never soldered before. Lol