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    Preparation for a v4 build

    At the moment, I have offset the side GPU panel 1cm. You can find a series of spacers for the A4 SFX on Thingiverse, or design your own. In the medium run, a custom side panel is the way (for me) to go. The V4 case makes that last part easier to achieve, with it's predrilled side panel screw...
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    Colorful has a single-slot GTX 1660 Ti

    Apple, the chair of the VESA group, AMD the vicechair? AMD, the company that is the sole and exclusive supplier of dGPUs to Apple? AMD has clearly shown they are willing to play to Apple's tune. As for Nvidia Quadro cards' use of mDP - Nvidia doesn't make the desktop Quadro cards. PNY does. As...
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    Preparation for a v4 build

    The FE (at least my RTX 2060) seems to generate a lot of noise in the DAN A4 SFX, even for an axial fan design. I'd venture the fan blades are just turbulent for their type. More noise in every way than my old GTX 780 Ti blower (that the RTX2060 replaced).
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    Colorful has a single-slot GTX 1660 Ti

    Is it? :p TI and Cypress are the largest in the USB-C PMIC & Redriver market, the controllers are there (or on Mouser, if you are assembling a project). As for cables, that ship has...
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    Colorful has a single-slot GTX 1660 Ti

    So by taking the mDP poison pill, you have stated: Apple is free to use any and all of your patents. Yay, who will take that poison pill? Apple is notoriously difficult to work with and sue-happy. No reason to get entangled with them for the sole sake of an obsolescent connector. mDP is not...
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    Colorful has a single-slot GTX 1660 Ti

    EDIT: Of course, without actual legal analysis, this is all just conjecture. But a conjectured poison pill is still something to avoid. Point is, I'm saying we shouldn't hold out explicit hope for mDP in 2019. Not when better alternatives exist. There are many good reasons why Public and...
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    Did I miss something on the new X570 Boards

    The connector, in some ways, is larger than either a straight USB-C port or the 20pin header for USB-A. That 20pin header gives two USB-A ports, too. There is a higher density version of the USB-C header (in the IF specs, anyways), but I have not seen it used in any consumer product so far.
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    Did I miss something on the new X570 Boards

    A4-SFX V4 drives its USB-C port with a regular USB 3.0 20pin internal header.
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    Colorful has a single-slot GTX 1660 Ti

    Mini DP, afaik, still has the Apple poison pill (w.r.t. patents and anti-lawsuit measures). That being said, if it was 4-5 USB-C in DP alt mode, I wouldn't complain, either :D USB-C is slightly lower profile, too! More space for vents. One HDMI and 3 DP sounds a lot like the current RTX cards...
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    Rumor UserBenchmark Says that Ryzen 3600 is "4%" faster that Ryzen 2700x

    I am eagerly awaiting results. Zen/Zen+ was not enough for me to jump, but Zen2 might be (if it performs better in gaming than my 7700k in SFF conditions - or specifically, with a l9i/l9a heatsink using the stock fan :D).
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    Ncase m1 owners, HELP

    73mm 29mm and barely more than 1mm. I don't have precision calipers, but it should get you into the ballpark. I forgot to measure in inches, maybe they correspond better to inches or mils.
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    DAN A4-SFX

    I modeled and printed a slightly taller fan duct, since the original one is ~3-4mm too short to seal off against the side of the case with my setup (ASRock Z270, L9i, A9x14). This is still about a mm or so too short to actually be a tight seal, but since it took 3+ hours to print, I don't want...
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    Cooling Slightly taller A4 SFX fan duct for Noctua L9i and A9x14.

    glow submitted a new resource: Slightly taller A4 SFX fan duct for Noctua L9i and A9x14. - fan duct for a4 sfx with l9i heatsink and a9x14 fan Read more about this resource...
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    Other Slightly taller A4 SFX fan duct for Noctua L9i and A9x14. 3.0

    For all intents and purposes, it is a slightly taller fan duct for the A4 SFX with a Noctua L9i heatsink and a Noctua A9x14 fan. My setup uses an ASRock Z270 Fata1ity ITX. It is 12mm, instead of the provided 10mm design. It also has slightly taller screw mount holes (9mm), since the provided...
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    Power Supply PSU change for HP800 G1 SFF computer (to make it more quiet and ready for GPU upgrade)

    TL;DR: Not worth upgrading the proprietary PSU; the max OEM specced GPU is 35W. This is extremely limiting. I agree with @ShamedGod . Going back a long ways, almost all OEM SFF PCs (with internal supplies) use proprietary power supplies. Some may use proprietary MB form factors, too (e.g, I had...