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    Prebuilt Anyone else look at the M1 Mac Mini and get a bit jealous?

    there are more mini pcs with ryzen 5900hx. morefine s500+ beelink GTR5 got the s500+ here, fan is pretty loud under load but it supports 64GB ram and packs quite a punch in 1L (cinebench r23 multi 11.9k) There's also the asrock jupiter x300 if you are looking for a small barebone (5700G is a...
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    Enclosure Looking for very small enclosure&mb (am4)

    asrock jupiter x300 and lenovo thinkcentre tiny m75q gen2 are both around 1L. in case you're looking at building something powered by battery/carried all day i'd go with a u series mobile chip, there are some mini PCs available with it or try to get laptops with busted screen from ebay. If hdmi...
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    Memory ASRock DeskMini X300 - RAM question

    x300 supports renoir, but the 5xxxG series isn't available at retail until later. There are some on grey market and there are OEM systems with it. One at HP had it basically free bc they sold it together with a 3070? way below its market value. crazy deal while it lasted hopefully these become...
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    Prebuilt asrock deskmini max - 10L

    must be another board, that one doesn't have 4 ram slots. I guess the GPU is mounted horizontally, 20cm length restriction lines up with case depth of 22cm. vertical would require some cm clearance for bottom connectors and the odd bay seems to be at the top (optionally replaced by an 140mm aio...
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    Prebuilt asrock deskmini max - 10L

    3.5" HDD bay, 5.25" ODD bay. also my mistake, its not stx mobo as it has 4 ram slots, ... at one point on that page they mention u-dimms. did asrock rack have some spare parts?
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    Prebuilt asrock deskmini max - 10L

    Specification - Supports AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen™ 5000/4000/3000/2000 Series Desktop APU & CPU (up to 105W) - AMD® X300 Chipset - Supports AMD AM4 CPU Cooler (Max. Height≦54mm) - 4 x DDR4 DIMM slots (up to 128GB) - 1 x PCIe® 3.0 x 16 - Video Output (Integrated):1 x DisplayPort...
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    this is the board from jupiter x300, right? is the bios the same as regular x300? Cezanne support?
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    Prebuilt ASRock Jupiter X300. Thin barebones kit for AM4 APUs, only 1 liter in volume!

    direct successor of the a320 took forever to be actually available (at least in Europe) so don't hold your breath.
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    Prebuilt minisforum EliteMini BOX X400 - deskmini a300 alternative?

    This is available for order now at (4350g, 4650g or 4750g) may not be a good base for modding though, as this was their answer to a short list of questions i mailed
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    Prebuilt Minisforum H31G (Socketed 1151 8th/9th Intel + 1050Ti) - $399

    if money is not an issue, HP 805 g6 can be configured with a 1660ti ( select base model with GPU, cpu option is limited to 35w)
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    Prebuilt minisforum EliteMini BOX X400 - deskmini a300 alternative?

    more information was posted here: Video: japanese store: If these renders are correct this would be the most compact socketed am4 board...
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    Prebuilt minisforum EliteMini BOX X400 - deskmini a300 alternative?

    seen here: - bottom mounted parallel RAM slots - 2x Gbit lan - HDMI+DP wonder what that board is...
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    Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    where did you find this? dimensions on asrock website is 155x155x80 @ 1.92L for both a300 and x300. 85mm height would put it above 2L volume mark. I hope you're right though. anyone thought about fitting a tiny aio inside this? eg...
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    Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    did you validate that it enters S4/S5 with that Kingston stick plugged in? Iirc some usb hardware prevents entering deep sleep states.
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    Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    There is a big thread on here discussing this cooler. Interesting for sure and exhaust configuration may help keep the temps inside the tiny case in check a bit better. Intake may still be better if you are only looking at minimizing cpu temp (given airflow out is good enough and the rest of the...