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    Advice Possible build: 5900G(E) with RX 570

    Be careful, TDP is NOT power consumption. By experience (and if AMD kept the same behavior compared to the previous 65W apus), the 5700G should use approximately 88W of power on the 12V line when boosting. Add to that the motherboard and accessories, and you should be in the ballpark of 120W...
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    Be careful, 65W is not what the 2400G can draw. 65W is the tdp used for the definition of the cooling system, and can not be used directly to know the consumption of the cpu. FYI, the 2400G will use approximately 88W when boosting. For example, my config with an itx motherboard and a 2400G can...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    If I may, just a small correction here. As seen here, the LSP-160-12T has a rated power of 162W (this is what it can deliver on its output) with a typical efficiency of 92.5% (7.5% is lost during the transformation from 230/125V to 12V). So the max power drawn from the wall can go up to 175W...
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    Log Portable M350 / Ryzen 4750G build

    Just so you know, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to fit the OpenPSU2 in the case. There is only 9mm between the top of the fan of the L9a and the top panel.
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    Production M2426 - Evolution in Cable Management

    Ah, ok ! I knew I clearly misunderstood something ^^ Thanks for the clarification :)
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    Production M2426 - Evolution in Cable Management

    Just to clarify if I understood this correctly. I currently have : wall -> MeanWell RPS-200 -> MiniBox PicoPSU 160xt Am I right to assume that I could replace the pico with your M2426 and go from 8A (96W) on the 160xt to 12.5A (150W) on the 12V line for the cpu ? (it's an APU only configuration)...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    From what I understand, you were connecting your graphic card on the pico 160xt ? If that's the case, yeah, you're asking too much from the pico 160xt. There is only 8A available on the 12v line, so 96Watts for the cpu AND gpu.
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    Rumor EPYC ITX is coming - ASRockRack ROMED4ID-2T

    I sooooo need a Threadripper APU right now, for.... reasons ?
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    CPU Build for Two PCIe 4.0 Gen4 NVMe M2 high-bandwidth storage devices

    I would not recommend the M350 with an nvme drive under the motherboard. I have this case, and there is absolutely no space at all under it for a heatsink or even a copper heat spreader like those seen on nvme drives. I have a sata m.2 drive installed there, and there is perhaps maximum 1mm...
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    News [REVERSED] AMD says X470, B450 WILL support Zen3

    Yeah, my example was not the most accurate, I agree. In fact, the core of my question was if the bios flash would finish correctly even if the new bios is not compatible with the currently installed processor. You think so ?
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    News [REVERSED] AMD says X470, B450 WILL support Zen3

    What I'm wondering is if it's possible to flash a new bios with a processor which is not supported with said bios. Example : - current situation : 2400G with compatible bios - flashing the new bios (which is not compatible with the 2400G) - remplacing the 2400G with a more recent processor...
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    News AMD B550 Motherboards To Launch on 16th June

    ASRock even has two of them : the B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX and the B550M-ITX. If only the B550M-ITX could be a more simple and "professional" one with double LAN (I know I'm dreaming ^^).
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    Seems coherent with a daisy-chain topology if the motherboard has effectively only a single channel. The video here explains it pretty well if you're interested :)
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    Chopin w/ an HDPlex 200W

    Why don't you plug the dc-dc unit directly on the motherboard, as intended ? It doesn't fit ? (height perhaps ?)
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    Power Supply Cheap Realan Rgeek 24Pin 12V DC 450W Output Mini ITX Pico DC-DC ATX psu

    So much win, I can't even \o/ It will be a perfect match for the meanwell 200W ! :D Do you already have an idea of your goal concerning the available amp on the 12V rail ?