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    Prototype MVL-R7 - 9.5L Mini-ITX, 70mm cooler, CNC-it-yourself

    Habe you testet the impact of the top and/or the buttom fans? Which temps you get with the fans, which with only top fans and which with only buttom fans ? ^^ Have you made any test like these?
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    Production The First - Monsterlabo High Performance SFF case & Fanless CPU / GPU

    Hey, is there any hope that we get the option to buy only the Cooler Block: for custom cases like an small tower with dcdc board ?
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    DAN C4-SFX - old

    Asus Poseidon (298x158x50mm) so 2,5Slot with i5 8400 with custom water cooling. i will use an pump under the sfx psu und dont will fit a pump in the cpu block.
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    All black GEEEK A50 build with custom side panels

    why you need the metal profils in the front and dont mount the front plate like the back plate?
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    Mini-Splash, about a Gallon water cooled SFF gaming PC

    i am tense on the different temps in push mode with pull the heat into the case to the pull mode were the heat over the front go out of the case. I think the pull mode will give better temps.
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    Mini-Splash, about a Gallon water cooled SFF gaming PC

    Nice project, but why you dont use a normal itx mainboard? With 45mm high will fit a normal itx board too. So you can use full pcie x16 and more options on mainboard, ram and cpu parts at the same dimension. I am very exciting of the temperature in games.
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    Prototype MT5: 5.4L Expandable case for mini GPUs

    the woodpanal looks rly nice ^^
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    DAN C4-SFX - old

    You should make a second test. Cause in your new setup are 2x 120mm fans for 2x 240mm rads. so i think you should make an test with one 240 rad and one 120mm fan. only so you can see how much better 2x240rad+ 2x120mm at semipassiv mode works as the one 240mm with mountet fans
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    DAN C4-SFX - old

    i think you should make an test of the cooling concept in front of an survey. (An test with an wood box oder paper box)
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    Concept Hybrid Transformer One - Portable modular All-in-One system

    why you dont use an flexATX psu then you van reduce the thickness to round aboud 45mm?
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    Production Lazer3D HT5 - Low Profile APU Case

    I am not sure but maybe the current case design can fit small matx boards too if you dont fit the top and bot fans? Or are the case not high enough for an matx board? Edit: damm ;) i see then you need another back plate
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    Prototype 3D Printable Fully Parametric Case

    Rotate the psu 90degree on the left side and use an 92mm tower cooler and an front fan. This should be so much better airflow.
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    DAN A4-SFX v4.1

    Here you can see the psu in the dan a4 case: But i think you cant fit the fan under the psu. Maybe with custom cables :) of you had an gpu with backshield you dont need use the plastic plate
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    Evolv Shift shrinked: DAN A4 rules!

    Hi, realy nice job. Can you check the temps of the psu under full load for us other user ? i find this psu very intresting for the dan A4 case ;D
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    DAN A4-SFX v4.1

    Its not official support but its possible. You need to fit the hd plex on the bottom unter the gpu. Then you can mount a 120mm AiO on GPU and CPU side.