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    Accessory Corsair Dark Core vs. Logitech 903 - which one?

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of making my physical desktop competely free of cords. IdI like to get a wireless gaming mouse and itsi come down to the Dark Core and the Logitech 903. Price isn't issue for me, but the biggest issues for me are comfort, user friendless (rgb software and...
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    Noctua Sterox 120mm x 25mm fans available May 5th on Amazon

    I'm really looking forward to Noctua's new fan materials to trickle down to the 92mm fans.
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    Happy SFF Month! Learn about SFFN's new Patreon page, new shirts, and a giveaway!

    You guys are the best and supporting all that you all do for the SFF community is easy!
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    SFF.Network DREVO Launches the BladeMaster on Kickstarter

    I just pledged on the Kickstarter campaign and really looking forward to this KB. I've been wanting to clean up my desktop and going to a wireless semi-compact KB like this should get me one step closer.
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    Cooling Quick hands on the Cryorig Cu C7

    A couple of comments/questions: - Great to see the C7 CU finally pop up. I thought it was going to be vaporware. And, can't wait till there are some good side-by-side comparisons with the LP53. - Also anyone know where we can buy this graphene paint? I'd be completely OK with painting my LP53...
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    Steam Machines Removed from Steam Storefront

    @loader963 Yep! I was pretty much in the same boat as you!
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    Steam Machines Removed from Steam Storefront

    I'd like to think that all of the sweet SFF cases by NCase, Dan Case, et. al. had something to do with this. ;-)
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    SFF.Network SilverStone's new Argon AR11 49mm LP cooler

    This cooler looks somewhat promising while we wait for @dondan 's CPU cooler. Put a 92mm slim Noctua on it and it should be good to go.
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    Giveaway of TWO 8700k GTX 1080 TI Water Cooled Gaming PCs

    Those are two fantastic builds! Good luck, everyone!
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    Worth the upgrade to 8700k from 4770k for 1440p gaming @ 165Hz?

    Agreed. A little disappointed at temps of this CPU. I'm getting the new Dan Case that has 92mm AiO capabilities, but I'm not a fan of AiOs. Maybe someone else will go first on putting an 8700k in a Dan Case A4 and see how it performs temps wise. Or, better yet, maybe @dondan 's new LP CPU...
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    Worth the upgrade to 8700k from 4770k for 1440p gaming @ 165Hz?

    Thanks for the valuable feedback, videos, and input, everyone! The wife's not going to be happy either way. lol Currently, I'm running a GTX 970, but regardless of upgrading the whole system, or just the GPU, I'd be looking at the GTX 1080 or waiting till Volta's equivalent of the 1080 to make...
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    Worth the upgrade to 8700k from 4770k for 1440p gaming @ 165Hz?

    Hi Everyone, My current system is getting old, but I was wondering if I upgraded to 8700k from 4770k if I would notice that much of a difference in gaming performance? I game at 1440p at 60Hz but I'll be purchasing a g-sync 1440p 165Hz monitor soon. Would it be worth it to upgrade my whole...
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    Feedback Any chance for a CES "Best in Show" ?

    Hey there SFF peeps that attended the show, Will y'all do a roundup of your favorites in each category (e.g. best SFF MB, GFX card, case, PSU etc.)? With so much stuff at Computex it's hard to keep track of it all. Thanks in advance! Dedaciai
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    DAN A4-SFX

    I just pledged for the window kit and case...I am totally stoked about this case! I can't wait for January 2018 to roll around! :D
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    CRYORIG reveals all-copper versions of their coolers

    That copper C7 definitely piques my interest for my upcoming Dan A4 build.