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    Selling [Norway] IQUNIX ZX-1 Aluminum Mini-ITX

    I have an IQUNIX ZX-1 Aluminum Mini-ITX for sale. Air version, white and coral colour. Condition 9.5/10, so very lightly used, and I bought it 4 months ago. Asking 99 Euros + shipping, so half price. including Gen3 riser. I can however throw in a Gen4 from Linkup for 49 Euros extra if you wish...
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    DAN C4-SFX

    Is the maximum card length still 320 mm? :)
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    Log Starting a new build - case advice needed

    Hi! I have decided to build a new mini-ITX to replace my Mac mini + eGPU combo. I'll keep the Mac, but move my Sapphire 5700X (2.2 slot), into my new build. Thing is, I look for a mini ITX case that can be mounted under my table and have the power button at the front. This will be a 'light'...
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    Planning a Lazer HT5 build with Thunderbolt 3

    Hi! Now that AMDs APU-processors are on the horizon, I'm planning a new build. I already have an eGPU running a Radeon 5700 XT, so I need thunderbolt 3 to attach to it. I might go two routes: First one is getting an Asrock X570 ITX, second one is getting another motherboard and add a PCIe...
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    Want to build a NUC-like mini PC

    Hi, y'all! Due to different priorities in life (work) I sold my beefed up Dan A4 and replaced it with a Mac mini + a Razer Core X eGPU with an Asus ROG Strix Radeon 5700 XT OC (those names). As you all know, Mac is not a gaming machine, and I'm looking to build a small PC for gaming with the...
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    Closed [EU] Brand new Dan A4 4.1 for sale!

    Selling this one, due to looking into another build. It's been opened and e inspected, but that's it. PM
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    Dan A4 v4: List of Compatible + Recommended 2070 Supers

    @data I tested that GPU, and it won't fit, too thicc.
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    Performance teaser... What would you prefer?

    @AseDen What is the tickness of the screws that goes into the radiator?
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    Dan A4 v4: List of Compatible + Recommended 2070 Supers

    Believe me, you'd notice. It was quite bad, so good to see the issues are being ironed out. Thanks for the update, ordering one now.
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    Dan A4 v4: List of Compatible + Recommended 2070 Supers

    Awesome. Btw, do the fans still have an issue with 'pumping/humming/hissing' sound when they go from zero mode? Had a gen 1 Windforce 2080 with that issue.
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    Dan A4 v4: List of Compatible + Recommended 2070 Supers

    We do. ? But is that the card you are using? If so; happy with it?
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    DAN A4-SFX v4.1

    @dondan Where can we buy a 4.0 riser for our Dan case? :)
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    Dan A4 Compatible Radeon RX 5700 cards

    Hi y'all! Disregarding the blower cards, which of the new cards will be compatible with the Dan A4? So far it seems the Asrock RX 5700/XT Challenger will fit as it is a pure 2 slot card. Another one that might fit is the PowerColor Red Dragon RX 5700/XT, but I'm unsure if it's too tall? What...
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    Case fan whining under mobo

    G-d, i really need to formulate myself better. The radiator fan in my Dan A4 will be set to intake, as it gives the superiour cooling in my case (sorry for the terrible pun). But, can I set the fan under mobo in the opposite direction (output) still, in order to avoid turbulence? I know that...
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    Case fan whining under mobo

    Will that work fine with the radiator fan for the Asetek still set to intake? :)