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    The space inefficiency thread

    Needs more case fans, I think. I am concerned about the airflow...
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    Linux vs. Windows

    Just my 2 cents for the OP, since almost exactly one year ago I installed Pop alongside my Windows 10 partition and have been seeing just how I approach the system naturally. At first, I used Pop all the time, I must say - I love the OS, and I love System76 designed systems in general. Still...
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    News HDPlex 200W AC-DC - I'm surprised nobody is talking about this

    This is true, and the 200w will be a lifesaver for me and my next ultra SFF build. I have tried many orientations of the 65W CPU (Intel & AMD) + 120W GPU (960, 1060, etc) and the HDPlex 160 could never handle it beyond a few minutes of heavy load without crashing (gaming or synthetic). I...
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    The space inefficiency thread

    Nothin' but airflow!
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    Introduction of me

    Always nice to have another engineering perspective around - and welcome!
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    Hi there

    Welcome to our humble abode, Alix. Good to have another on board! Can't wait to see your creations in the custom cases thread!
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    Other Thelio, custom SFF tower pre-built PCs

    Aside from the cases, I must admit that I love Pop OS. I still use it alongside Win 10 on my main PC.
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    Power Supply HDPLEX 800 W DC-DC?!? WAAAAAATTT???

    I had the same reaction when I saw this posted on HDPlex site randomly the other day. Crazy power! Hahaha, goooooooooood. :cool:
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    Hard resets when gaming on new sff build

    Fully agree here, I would put my money on it being the HDPlex 160. Unfortunately @hyperborea, your PSU just wont cut it for that rig. Some folks can drive similar set-ups but it is highly variable with the HDPlex in general. I tried to run an i5-6500 and 960 (same TDP targets) with 2 different...
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    Hi everyone!

    Greetings! This forum specializes in converting folks from lurkers to members! Happened to me too. Nice rig you got there, you'll fit in nicely around here! See you around the forum.
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    Hi, geek girl from Québec, Canada

    Always nice to see another Canadian (seen a few new ones recently)! For all things SFF, this is the place to be! The Geeek cases are great little projects, and now with access to the custom cases section here on the forum, you may spend even more time looking at enclosures! See you around!
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    Hello from Montreal!

    Welcome to the forum, there are a lot of resources to find here! Good luck with a purchase of an NCase M1 through the forums, not many people let them go used - and if they do - not for much cheaper than they purchased! Believe me, I have tried! My advice, head over here and just pick one up...
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    What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

    Looking forward to becoming more active again in this awesome community in 2019, the last half of a year has pulled me away from any semblance of free time - here is hoping! Happy 2019 to everyone.
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    Sheet Metal Prototypes and Production [no longer available]

    Um, where have you been all my life?!
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    Closed BUYING USED NCASE M1 (any version, silver)

    Nothing found after all his time :( Closing thread.