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    Log Sliger S620 - ITX Master Piece!

    Space optimized 😍 Very nice How close is the AC connector to the GPU? It looks really close on the pictures.
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    Discussion SFF Case with top and bottom 240 rad support?

    27mm thick, 273mm long seems to be the limit unless you pick slimmer fans for the front rad.
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    Discussion SFF Case with top and bottom 240 rad support?

    This would be front and bottom, not side. But good luck
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    Discussion SFF Case with top and bottom 240 rad support?

    Non-X can have front and bottom mounted 240s.
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    Discussion SFF Case with top and bottom 240 rad support?

    You can have a front and bottom mounted radiator in the Cerberus. (EK-CoolStream Classic SE 240 or another radiator 273mm long or less) But that case might be bigger than you're after.
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    Discussion Barrow CPU Pump/Block LTPRPA-04 - any way to make it run slower?

    It's PWM-controlled, and 10%/1850RPM is the lowest it will go. I have two of these, one of them initially had a hum at 1800-ish RPM, but when I ran it at 2000RPM it went away. Nowadays the hum at 1800 RPM is gone too.
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    Cerberus V2

    Keep the sizes the same, it's big enough as it is. I'd like to see the removable bottom from the S620 brought over to the Cerberus if possible. Also the improved mounting system for the top fans that case has. Oh and the larger cutouts in the motherboard tray. Basically I'd just like to see the...
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    Discussion SilverStone SST-SX800-LTI v1.2 vs Corsair SF750

    I'm reasonably sure I had the SX800 1.2 version, and I would not recommend it. Like you say, it turns on based on load, so short bursty workloads will trigger dramatic changes in fan speed, even when the PSU isn't hot. With a 3090 and 5800x you will be affected by this power-based fan profile...
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    Log Help cooling system: Dan case 10900k rtx 3070: am I crazy?

    I chose the Gigabyte because of its slightly better power delivery (probably won't matter unless you want to overclock) and the Asrock board has some clearance issues with certain CPU coolers. Undervolting isn't hard, setting a lower power limit is simpler and won't cause potential instability...
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    Log Help cooling system: Dan case 10900k rtx 3070: am I crazy?

    A 2080Ti can pull 300W, a 10900K will pull 250W for the first 12 seconds of heavy workloads. This means that you might trip the PSUs protection (on a 600W model) when doing a heavy CPU+GPU task (had that happen with that exact combo). Unless you need the TB3 support, I think the Aorus Z490i by...
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    Advice Cooling install (AIO+case fans). Advice needed.

    Connect the radiator fans to the X63 instead. Control the fan speed based on water temperature using NZXT software. Run the pump at the highest speed (fixed) where you can't hear it.
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    Motherboard Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX ITX

    I couldn't get q-flash to work while the board was hooked up to a Corsair SF600, but when I switched to my older Silverstone SFX-L 500W PSU it worked without issues.
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    Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

    The entire board is shifted down 1 slot (motherboard stand-offs would have been moved as well), else there's no way to fit the radiator at the top. So I think that explains why you don't see this more often.
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    Log SMALLEST ATX CASE : CERBERUS-X (Complete build log)

    I tried two SX800-LTI units before giving up (and the SF750 was released anyway). The fan was very noisy, made a ticking sound when idle and the fan profile was all over the place. It was seemingly directly tied to PSU load with no ramp-up/down time, making the fan speed and noise very erratic...
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    Log Cerberus X Build for Video/Animation, 184mm Rad for i9-10850K?

    Have you considered a rear-plate SFX PSU instead? That allows front and bottom mounted radiators of at least 240mm. With low profile fittings the barrow combo-unit fits underneath. AIO is also an option in that configuration of course. Radiators as intake is much better for fluid temps and thus...