Community Feature – Kmpkt’s “Orangulan”

This is one in a series of features, looking at projects going on in our community. These could be full system builds, simple mods, or even accessories made by our awesome forum members.

Today we are featuring Kmpkt’s (Formerly ‘ilovelampshade’) NFC S4 Mini #77 build, “Orangulan”. This is one of many builds in the forum based on Not From Concentrate’s S4 Mini, a great option for a slim M-ITX chassis.

Early specs for this build –  HDPlex 160W combo, a Zalman CNPS2X CPU cooler, the NFC S4 Mini in PlastiDip Orange, A Gigabyte B85M Phoenix motherboard, a Galax Low Profile GTX 950 and a Samsung SSD. I believe this was later replaced with a AData 128GB M.2 SSD.

The HDPlex 160W is an interesting alternative to an external brick – this S4 Mini build is entirely self contained!

I just love the B85 Phoenix board, and it’s even prettier matchhed with G-Skill Ares RAM and the Zalman copper CPU cooler.

The Galax GTX 950 was the first LP GTX950 that we saw hit the market, but availability, as with a lot of Galax parts, is still limited.

Hmm, that’s a lot of extra space gained by the use of the low profile GPU. I wonder what that could be used for?..

Orange and black. Perfect.

Yup, that clear space will be used for the HD-Plex AC-DC Power Supply.

Using double sided tape, the AC-DC PSU is attached to the inner chassis of the S4 Mini. It kind of looks like this was a factory option.

A little bit of a cable mess, but it works!

It’s alliiiivvveee! Always the best part of a new build.

So shiny.

Later on in the build the HD-Plex DC-DC PSU was replaced with a Pico-Box Z4-ATX-200, leading to a neater interior.

To mod, or not to mod..

Mod on!

A very clean power input addition here.

And from another angle.

And a rear shot. Because why not?

Sleeved for your protection.. or for aesthetics.. either way, more orange!

Kmpkt chose not to sleeve the AC-DC end of the wiring. Aww.

And now, a hiatus of 5 months.. In mid February this year, Kmpkt returned with more!

This is the new HDPlex 160w unit – it’s now a direct plug PSU.

Now the case has a properly set up AC input.

There is now the addition of NFC’s new flexible risers.

A stud removal has been done here, to make sure the AC-DC unit sits flat.

Now it’s time for the AC-DC unit’s new home. New double sided tape was added.

Welcome home!

This move was done so that a new, full height, EVGA GTX 1050 TI could be installed.

The new riser really does help make builds in the NFC S4 Mini easier.

Tight clearance between AC-DC PSU and the motherboard. Just how we like it.

No wasted space here!

Wiring time.

Time to plug it in and hope none of the magic blue smoke leaks out.


Portability is important for Kmpkt, and with this, a Nanuk 1535 travel case was sourced to protect the rig during flights to family, friends and work.

An Acer 20.7″ 1080p monitor is a perfect fit here.

Travel ready.

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So that’s Kmpkt’s “Orangulan” build for now. Check out the full thread here, and join in!