Small Form Factor is dead. Long live Large Form Factor!

To the community,

It goes without saying that has seen a huge amount of success as of late. Traffic on the news site and forum continues to grow steadily, and our community has never been larger or more engaged. We couldn’t be prouder. However, as a result of this, it’s become clear to the whole team that there’s nothing really ‘small’ about us or what we do – and, if anything, we’re set to get bigger and bigger in the future.

Small is lame. Small is sad. Big is the future!

Because of this, we’re really excited to announce the transition of SFF Network to, or LFF Network. Effective today, we are retiring the old brand in favor of the newer, bigger, and better one.

As a part of this transition, we’re implementing the following editorial changes, which will take place immediately:

  1. All volume measurements will be based on units of NZXT Mantas. For example, the Corsair 780T is 2.3 Mantas.
  2. All reviewed enclosure will be at least 2 Mantas in size.
  3. All measurements will now be in cubits, a more convenient and relatable unit.
  4. All product reviews will now rate products on a scale of Sad! (lowest) to HUGE! (highest).
  5. Any product without RGB lighting will be automatically given a rating of ‘Double Sad!’.
  6. All posts moving forward will be made entirely in all-caps, which are the larger and better form factor letters in the alphabet.

Additionally, for the forum, we are now imposing the following rules:

  1. All builds must be at least 2.3 Mantas.
  2. All builds must have at least three graphics cards.
  3. All power supplies must be at least 1200W.
  4. Calipers (and all discussion pertaining to them or their use) are now banned.
  5. Any post that is not entirely in capital letters will be deleted, and the user will be banned.

We know that this is a pretty big change for everyone, but I think you’ll agree that bigger truly is better – and we have a lot of big things to share with you this upcoming year!


– The LFF Network Team