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CES 2019: Odds’n’Ends

A quick selection of miscellaneous stuff from around the show!   A quick pop in to In-Win’s display, with a selection of SFF cases and power supplies on display. Do want. That is all. Quantum computing. Dark magic! A close up of the AMD Radeon VII die. HBM!     Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

Cases Reviews

In-Win’s Chopin – A Concerto in Black

In-Win, known for some time for their creative (but generally unremarkable) SFF designs, has been branching out as of late. From their H and D Frame cases, to more sedate variants, the company has begun to make inroads towards the mainstream market instead of the traditional OEM and system integrator markets. Today we are looking at the In-Win Chopin, a premium take on the BQ series. This case...