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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti review, SFF style.

This product was purchased using personal funds. No signed agreement or contact with the manufacturer has been made. As such, this review is presented as-is using only rasterize based rendering engines. The card’s main technology features aren’t usable in today’s games …yet. As such, this is going to be an ongoing review, a first for SFFn, and will see several updates...


BIOSTAR at Computex 2018

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products. BIOSTAR, rather the underdog in the Western PC components market, didn’t have much of interest to us SFF’rs this year, so we just shot through the booth, grabbing a couple of...


ASRock Shares Details of First Foray into Graphics Cards!

With the SFF Network crew on-location at Computex 2018, one of the first booths we’ve visited is that of ASRock, a company we’ve covered and reviewed at length for their work in the realm of motherboards and pre-built systems. Well known for their mITX and (lately) STX boards in particular, ASRock recently announced their intent to expand into GPUs by launching a broad series of AMD...


ASRock Reveals Their Hand – A Bunch of AMD GPUs For Your Perusal

Recently, rumours started appearing that industry veteran ASRock was considering a foray into the world of graphics cards. In the last couple of days, all was revealed, with ASRock’s Phantom Gaming GPU lineup hitting headlines. With RX550, 560, 570 and 580 product lines, it seems ASRock is working closely with AMD on the new lineup. (We won’t get into the NVIDIA GPP shenanigans here)...


ASRock steps into Graphics Cards !

Rumored for about a week, though this seems to make it official ! Let’s hope this means awesome ITX-sized GPUs and even better price/performance DeskMini gaming PCs ! Discuss on our forum.    


Sapphire Releases a RX 550 with Extra Horsepower

Hot on the heels of the RX560 LITE launch, Sapphire also snuck a slightly upgraded RX550 on to their product stack, based on “Polaris 21” silicon, rather than the Polaris 20 silicon, that the RX 550 is normally built on.  The Pulse Radeon RX 550 2GD5/4GD5 (model: 11268-16 for 2 GB and 11268-15 for 4 GB) has 10 out of 16 compute units physically present on the chip, which translates to...


Sapphire to launch Pulse RX 560 LITE GPU

Recently, there was some kerfuffle in the tech news regarding a “weaksauce” variant of the RX 560 – with the typical 1024 SP model pared down to a mere 896. Whilst this was originally for the Chinese Gaming Cafe market, it seems that this “lite” chip will indeed make it to the western market. Sapphire is launching the “Pulse Radeon RX 560 LITE”, a 1300mhz...


KFA2/Galax Release their SNPR eGPU

At Computex this year, we previewed the GALAX SNPR eGPU, a GTX1060 based external graphics unit. To our disappointment though, Galax did not entertain our desire to inspect the internals of this unit. Finally, they have launched the SNPR eGPU to the world, and we finally get to see inside. Initially, we were unsure if this was a MXM, proprietary or discrete card unit, as the size of the SNPR eGPU...


More Vega Nano News!

With Drew and Tim’s exclusive photo-op earlier, our appetite was whetted for more news on the Vega Nano. Drew and Tim are very persistent reporters though, and managed to track down more exclusive information and pictures for Small Form Factor Network. What have we learnt? The card has a typical board power of 150 watts (GPU, vRAM, but excluding cooling solution), and uses an 8 pin plug for...


ZOTAC announces two GTX 1080 Ti Mini’s!

Not that long ago we reviewed ZOTAC’s GTX 1080 Mini, which set a new bar for SFF GPU horsepower, yet now they’ve outdone themselves by cramming the even beefier GTX 1080 Ti into the same form factor! TechPowerUP has more details, but from the renders we can glean that this new model uses the same heatsink and shroud as the GTX 1080 Mini, so the overall dimensions should be the same at...