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Forum Feature: SENTRY 2.0

In a semi-regular series, we will have a short look at various projects and one-off builds in the forum. This is not a paid promotion in any way, just a selection of cool stuff we like! Hot on the heels of the first generation Sentry, the Dr Zaber team has taken it upon themselves to update the concept. Taking feedback into account from the first production run, as well as crowdsourcing more, the...


Dr Zaber Sentry’s Indiegogo campaign launches!

I think that 2017 will be the year of the indie SFF case. Starting us off is the Dr Zaber Sentry, a console-sized case that can pack serious hardware, and is built like a tank. The crowdfunding campaign for the first production run is now live on Indiegogo here. The campaign has a goal of 100 units and a max limit of 1000 units for the first main production run (to keep logistics manageable in...