ZOTAC Shows Single-Fan Mini ITX RTX 4060

  Zotac has announced five new RTX 4060 and 4060Ti based cards including this single-fan RTX 4060 named Solo . Coming in at 2 slots in width with a unlisted-but-likely-below- 180mm length, the Solo packs 3072 Cuda Cores and 8GB of GDDR6. Specs for core speed weren’t listed but aren’t expected to deviate from the 2.46GHz boost clock of the RTX 4060 specs. Check out the Zotac Solo 4060 by CLICKING HERE.    

Nvidia Announces RTX 4060 and 4060Ti

  Nvidia has revealed the RTX 4060Ti and 4060 to the world today. Pricing starts at $299 for the non-Ti model, and rises to $499 for the 16GB Ti variant. Nvidia is stating that these cards are targeting the high frame rate 1080P gaming community, and will be available on Mat 24th for the 4060Ti 8GB, and in July for the other two cards. Let’s dive into this announcement by starting with the specs.     The RTX 4060Ti is clearly going to be the more performant of the two GPUs as it has an additional 1,280 CUDA cores, slightly …