TLDR News – August 31, 2021

Life is short and you don’t have time to read the whole article. So here is the TLDR of various stories I’ve compiled throughou……JUST GO ALREADY!

  • The tech heist of the century has occurred. Last year ARM’s board voted out their Chinese division’s CEO Allen Yu. Yu refused to leave, and hired his own private security to throw out anyone disloyal to him. Now, a year later, Yu has declared that the old division of ARM in China is now called ARM Limited, and will develop their own IP. However, they still have ALL of the IP ARM had developed, employees, building, and support equipment. The Chinese government has not stopped this from happening. So essentially, Yu has successfully stolen an entire division of a company. Story Link – SemiAnalysis


  • Sony has launched a new PS5 model with smaller fan and heatsink. Austin Evens does a tear down measured notably higher exhaust temps. There is no change to the chip size in the PS5 itself.  Video Story Link – Austin Evens


  • Researchers have found a Meltdown-like vulnerability in Zen+ and Zen2 based CPUs, but it’s easily fixed with software so don’t worry too much. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware



  • Twitter user Jared McNeill has posted photos of an Apple Mac Mini M1 booting to NetBSD. Due to the custom nature of the M1, this is a major step forward to alternate OSes running on it. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware


  • In Japan, you can buy a Ryzen CPU in a vending machine…but not really because it’s actually an arcade game that involves CPU chips, though you can actually win a Zen 2 chip from it. Still, if an airport has a vending machine Best Buy and vending machine CVS, I’m sure this is around the corner. Story Link – WCCF Tech


  • Enermax is offering “free” LGA 1700 cpu mounting kits for their AIO coolers if you purchased it AFTER 6-1-2021 and provide proof of purchase of a gen 12 Intel CPU and and Z690 mainboard. So…”generous” of them. Story Link – Vortez


  • Microsoft will disable updates for unsupported Windows 11 installs. You can install it, but you can’t update if the hardware is not on the Windows 11 compatibility list. Story Link – PC World