Silverstone’s Passive SFX-L PSU launched !

After our hands-on with a prototype at Computex 2017 almost exactly one year ago, the long awaited NJ450-SXL passively cooled SFX-L PSU from Silverstone is finally ready for its debut !

Silverstone claims 24/7 continuous running @ 40°C ambient on the NJ450-SXL, which they usually qualifies its actively-cooled PSUs for. A beefy aluminium heat-dissipating housing envelops the chassis to allow heat wicking away from some of the more heat-producing components. To top this off, more premium quality components have been selected to maintain the SX800-LTI’s 80 PLUS Titanium rating on this passively cooled power supply as well.

The fully modular nature of this power supply allows up to 4 PCIe 8-pin connectors, even though fully loading those would mean 600W being over the PCIe connectors alone, but the NJ450-SXL does offer a 12 second peak power draw of 500W.

Like most SFX-L power supplies from Silverstone, this one also comes with the single 24-pin motherboard and 8-pin EPS connectors, along with 8 SATA connectors (4 on each cable) along with a few older 4-pin peripheral connectors (often mistakenly called “Molex”). This power supply seems to be an excellent component for workstations that are noise-optimized and don’t require two powerful GPUs.

Expect a review from us in the future !


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