SilverStone announces the Raven RVZ01-E

Today SilverStone has announced the RVZ01-E, a variant of their RVZ01 slim console-style case that can fit an ATX power supply instead of just SFX. Press release below:

“SilverStone RVZ01-E is an evolution of the ground-breaking RAVEN Z RVZ01, a slim form factor case with tremendous capability. While maintaining the same volume size and appearance as the original model, the RVZ01-E’s interior was reworked to convert SFX power supply space into one for standard ATX (PS2) power supply. This amazing change came with little sacrifice as the case still has support for the biggest consumer graphics cards on the market with superb air cooling performance. Designed for use in either vertical or horizontal orientation, it can be placed comfortably in any space-constrained environment that requires a powerful PC. For those looking to build a slim form factor PC, the RVZ01-E’s ability to accommodate standard ATX power supply will help to open up more flexible and varied assembly option.”


This is great news for users that want to downsize their existing computer but keep their ATX PSU, or if they’re not comfortable with SFX/SFX-L due to noise/price/availability/etc. ATX PSU support does come at a cost compared to the standard RVZ01 though, the 3.5″ drive mount has been removed due to the greater height of ATX vs SFX. Also, the slim ODD mount has been replaced with a 2.5″ mount.

Availability is unknown but the price should be about $80.

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