Puget Systems Reviews Intel 12th Gen CPUs in Detail

Puget Systems is one of the top-tier builders of PCs for very specific workloads. Unlike most of the industry, they design your system based on your specific application, and do a tremendous amount of testing to ensure their customers get the right parts for their workload. They’ve even developed their own benchmarks based on real world programs that have become a mainstay in the reviewing community, and are used by respected reviewers like Gamer’s Nexus. So when they post a review of a CPU, people listen.

Puget Systems reviewed Intel’s newest 12th Gen Core CPUs with workloads in Adobe programs, DaVinci, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, and Unreal engine. Their results have shown a substantial boost of performance over the previous generation, and performance that can leave even Ryzen’s 16 Core 5950X looking slow depending on the application.

Check out their master review HERE. Keep in mind that each program has a separate article linked in the master review.

Additionally, their Labs Team did a live Q&A session and posted it on YouTube.


…now if we can only get them to make some SFF PCs.